Fun three day weekend Friday


YS still poorly. he keeps throwing up bile.

Stripping the walls again today i hope.

Weather is dank again. I think my toes are starting to web up in all this rain!

I'd love some rhubarb crumble, it's one of my favourite comfort foods

G was home by 3.30 so he took C out for a short time, at present he's in an ok mood

Manic day here. Yesterday didn't happen the way it was meant to so I was running around at 8 o'clock this morning wrapping presents for one of the Primary 1s that DD1 looks after (it's her birthday tomorrow) and one of DD2's teachers (she has been wonderful in trying to come up with coping strategies for DD2 who is waiting for an assessment for dyspraxia and she is stopping today for maternity leave). Got the girls to school just on the bell so I was late for work. Having already had 2 coffees at home this morning my boss got me a coffee just after I arrived in work so by 9.30 this morning I was buzzing on caffeine.
I was late leaving work so the girls had to stand in the playground until I got to school. Got home and had to go back out to take DD1 to her Friday sports club. While she was there I came home and chopped up veg for dipping to take to a Girls' Brigade meeting tonight. Went back to pick her up and then went to find my mum as it is her birthday today (I made her a giant Oreo birthday cake). Back home and put food in the oven for DH and the girls and then at 6.15 I finally go out of my work suit, 3 hours after I had left work.
I'm now sitting with a glass of wine having been at a Girls' Brigade officers meeting. The sky is amazingly clear and when we came out of the meeting I was able to point out planets and stars to my friend who was with me. The downside of the clear sky is that we are forecast a low of minus 2 tonight and minus 4 tomorrow night :sad:. Good job I didn't plant anything out yesterday when it was 20 degrees.