Bank holiday Monday


Morning :)
How are things this morning Jac? x 
Hows Ys this morning Brandie? x
Slow start to the morning :) I love bank holidays! The oh made breakfast and we're just finishing up now :)
Got my Dad coming over today and our friend Mike and his other half Harry later on. The sun is even shining - heaven forbid, we might all be able to have a go on our trampoline - its been piddling down since we got it! 
Have a lovely day x


Been asleep until now, just sipping a lovely coffee. After lunch I think it will be allotment time as (shhhh, don't jinx it...) we also have some blue sky and sunshine. Plenty of clouds too, so we will see.

It is lovely to see the sunshine though.

YS is a little better this morning he has only thrown up once. Luckily it's just water. Hopefully he will start to feel better soon.

It is nice to see the sunshine but I don't think it's going to last ( sorry EB).

Not much on today just carry on with the wall stripping and stuff.

Brandie, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest!

I do hope yS has turned the corner, poor little scrap seems to have had this sickness thing for ages!

Hope YS has turned the corner Brandie, fx or the allotment EB.
Roll on tomorrow

Long day already Jac? We're back home. Ys spent the 3 hour trip home crying that he wanted to stay!

Its pouring here and we've had thunder and lightening storms. Typical bank holiday weather!

Rained here... no allotment. Just as well as spent the afternoon in bed with dizziness and nausea- my own fault for taking pain meds for the back! (but it hurt!)


anyway am up now and feeling much better so going to set to and make the room look nice and festive for the lad now, we have helium balloons to blow up. When I tried this years ago it took me ages to get the hang of it and more helium made it into the surrounding atmosphere than in the balloons I suspect.  So if I come back squeaking like Mickey Mouse you'll know it's all gone a bit wrong! (not that I would ever do this intentionally- inhaling helium can be fatal apparently, eek!)

Ys hasn't eaten since last monday. He seems to shut his body down when he is ill, stops eating a few days before he starts throwing up goes very quietand sleepy. He aske dfor toast early but hasn't eaten it.
Still I am not so worried as this seems to be his pattern.

Haver had a good clear out day today though. 

C was the same Brandie, but he always ended up in hopsital