Wedding Album


Im going to be divorced soon and am moving on to a new life miles away so clearing out the clutter before the big move but I don't know what to do with my wedding album.  I dont want to keep it to remind me of the day or anything but there are some pics in there I would like to keep as they are of my family and friends - some of whom aren't here anymore.  What is the protocol for this usually?   I didn't know whether to still keep it and give it to my daughter when she's older but I really am not sure whether to just take out the pics I want to keep & dispose of the rest.
What has anyone in this position done with theirs, I'd love to know

I would put it in a box in the loft/ somewhere inaccessible and let your daughter have them when she is older. Take out the pics you want and pack the rest up, that's what I think.

Lovely to see you post, and I hope that this move will be part of a good and positive new start for you :)

Mine is also in the loft.

Stick it in the loft, the your daughter can decide when she's older if she wants it or not

Mines in the top of the wardobe somewhere.

I think mine is in the back of a cupboard.  

Good luck with your move, Sam and I hope you will keep us all informed how things are going.

thanks all, I think perhaps taking it with us and keeping it in the loft is the best solution and of course I will let you all know how the move goes - 3 weeks today!

oh good luck!

I only moved last July and the horror of it still haunts me.  I hope yours goes better.

Good luck with your move, are you moving far from where you are now?

I think you are doing the right thing, even though you and her dad are not together anymore I'm sure your daughter will like to see the photo's when she's older.

ursh x