Pester Power- A History


Interesting article from the BBC- it's all Mr Potato Head's fault, apparently!

It is 60 years since Mr Potato Head starred in the world's first television toy advert. Did the plastic spud unleash the era of pester power?

With his bulbous nose, perpendicular ears and rictus grin, he makes for an unlikely-looking business trailblazer.

And yet an industry worth millions owes its very existence to the synthetic, tuberous figurine that is Mr Potato Head.

In commercials broadcast in the US in April 1952, he became, according to manufacturers Hasbro, the first toy advertised on television.

It was an innovation that, by pitching directly to the product's juvenile target market, ushered in a post-war era in which children were specifically targeted as a consumer demographic.

Damn him and his bulbous nose!