Fancy Friday


I fancy going back to bed and staying there until at least Sunday, but the brats won't like it, esp as I've promised to take W out after school and I'm collecting M from the bus stop and taking her clothes shopping. C is going out with hubby.

Hope everyone has a lovely day

It is bloeing a gale here but sunny so one load of washing is out.

My grandparents come back form their hols today so DH is picking them up later.

Not much else doing as YS still off.

Ive just repainted the living room ceiling then did the hall, stairs and landing and just for good measure one of the bathrooms.  They'll all need another coat then if we are not going away this weekend I think I'll start on our bedroom and then dd's.

Washing is on though its still pouring outside, im wondering where the bright dry weather the bbc said we were having is, cos I havent seen any in god knows how long... this weather is depressing.

Its bright here. I've out a wash out, done a bit of shopping and now on a mission to get things for YDs bedroom as cheaply/freely as possible. Painting is looking good when the walls dry

I was supposed to finish my spring cleaning with the kitchen but that hasn't happened yet!

Jacqui, I think we all have days where we'd like to hide under our covers and not come out, hope things get better soon.

I've been to gym, Morries, town and am looking forward to a nice cosy evening on my new sofa with a bottle of wine, OH and a film.   Yayyy for Fridays.

ursh x

Our friends who live near lakeside have just contacted DH they had their car stolen this last night and so did their neighbours. Both were Galaxys. DH reckons they were stolen to order. They had just got a brand new car seat for their DD as well.

Thats not good Brandie x

oh no Brandie!

Well, got up early and took Alex to Maths. Then home to make a pot of soup. Then dentists, or rather dental hygienists, where i had lots of nasty pokey things done to my teeth and gums, ouch! Home for a rattle about on here, and then seeing as it was actually SUNNY TODAY I grabbed tools and headed out front for some serious yard work! Front patch now mowed and trimmed, purple broccoli is dug up, some more of it is weeded, and I have purple bush beans and mangetout planted. Took 2.5 hours but it's looking good!

Took myself off to Asda and bought myself a top and a new bra, oh and a bottle of wine, then after school took the 2 youngest out. I'm now shattered and much poorer

Exhausted daughter came home this afternoon. They were due back at 2.30 so I had said I would go in to work this morning to do a particular job. I said I would have to go at 1 but then said I could push that to 2 which would allow me time to come home and change. As I walked home I saw the coach driving up the road having dropped the children off so I threw my bag in the house and ran along to school (fun in a suit and heels).
She had a wonderful time despite the weather. She did gorge walking in leaky wellies yesterday morning and then in the afternoon they did a high ropes course which had been used in Raven on the tv.

Glad she had a good time - would love to have seen you running in heels...