Sunny Saturday



Started drying out YDs room yesterday, got a full tank of water out of it already!
Luckily DH is on leave next week so were going to strip the walls in her room & see the whole damage. And I've just remembered that next Wednesday Anglian are coming out to replace ODs bedroom window... all go here.

Also today is International Fibromyalgia Awareness day... we are turning Facebook yellow in the UK in support.!/FibromylagiaAwarenessDayMay12
Theres loads of information on that page & link links to others.
I'm off to an event with my Mum in a bit.

Have a good day all

M's knee seems ine so she's going to do her dance exam later, hubby is working so I have to take all the brats, oh joy

Yay for the roofers, sparkle and I hope you have a good day.

Jac, good luck to M for her exam.

Ds is poorly today (which is quite unlike him) so a quiet day for us I think.

Rubbish day here. DH is working and he arranged that the girls would go to MIL's for the afternoon and then we would all go up for a carryout. When he dropped them off he was told they had decided.just to cook so not looking forward to my meal. DD1 has been away this week so I had hoped to spend this afternoon doing something with her but as usual DH has given in to his mum's moans that she never sees the girls. There is no reason why she couldn't do what my mum often does and drop in as she passes just to say hello.

M did her exam no problem, but is now suffering with her knee again!

Janey hope DS is better soon and Elaine your DH needs to get his act togther, whilst he's still gives in they will still carry on doing what they do

Sun! Allotment!! Sunburned neck!!! I forget I have short hair now.

Loads of digging (hence the neck burn, rest of me is fine) then netting some hoops, but that all took several hours or hard work. Had hoped to get more done but didn't happen, had to dash home to ice some buns and wash ready to go out again. Oh well.

Just got back from bowling, for Alex's birthday. I managed to come last both times (this is usual, I am not very good at bowling. I doubt I'd score at all if it weren't for the kiddy sides!!) and then we all tucked into a plate full of grease. My brother made several comments about the 'burger of doom', decided to risk it  and felt decidedly uncomfortable afterwards- he's a bit f a sensitive flower digestion wise poor chap, behaves himself diet-wise all week and then goes potty at the weekend, especially with gluten. Still he seemed not too fazed at the thought of seeing that burger again later. Yuck!

Alex spent far too much money on slot machines, and then we came home. I am cream crackered.