Tapping Tuesday


Morning everyone

C has CAMHS this morning, oh joy. Hubby is taking W to school for me, which means a slightly more relaxed time before heading out.

I'm umming and arrghing about going to one of the Tesco extra's to do my shopping after C's appointment

Go for it Jacs xx
I'm clearing out clothes in my wardrobe I haven't worn for an age, & putting them on sale .... eeekkk, never done that before so not too sure what to expect.


I am having my hair trimmed this morning and then off to see my sis to do some food shopping.

DD1 is off to the high school today for CAT testing. Of course it has to be the day that DH was disappearing off early so I needed to get 2 girls to 2 different schools for 9 o'clock. Fortunately her best friend's parents had a problem with the other end of the day so they have taken her and I will pick them both up. It's a lovely day so I will walk down to get them and they can bring me home. DD1 will need to walk next year but we didn't want her walking today as we haven't walked it with her yet to warn her about the hazardous bits of the journey.
I'm off to IKEA this morning to get my niece a birthday present. Then it'll be back and out to the garden.

another lovely day here which is definitely a mood lifter.  Waiting on a load of washing finishing so I can hang it out and then we are off to the playground for a bit.

Good luck with C this morning Jac, hope everyone else has a nice day.

Good lovely summery morning to you all B)

Sparkle are you putting your stuff on ebay?  I did that once, made a few bob.   Sounds like a few of you have busy days ahead with appointments and things, hope they all go well.

Me, I'm on my day off and I've just put a whole heap of summery tunes on my ipod and will shortly be heading off to the beach for a nice long dog walk.

I'm planning to make blueberry and white chocolate brownies later and then perhaps sit in the garden with a cold lager and enjoy the sun whilst we have it!:D

ursh x

Couldn't get up this morning .... so tired! Eventually Corbin nagged at me enough to get up and get sorted.

At work now, sun is shining outside and everyone is happy and relaxed today.

Room behind the reception desk was a pig sty so i've sorted all that out, got rid of a load of rubbish and tidied the rest of it up. Just needs a good hoover through and it will look lovely

Spurred me on to do the same at home too! So that's my evening sorted lol

DH emailed me and suggest a BBQ for dinner :)

Oohh BBQ sounds great!

How are you getting on with your new job then BB, like it?

Loving it Ursh, although I'm strugging with the home/work balance.  I just want to chill out at weekends but I should keep on top of the housework and laundry! lol

I hope the camhs appointment was ok, Jac and the high school and CAT tests were ok for your dd and her friend, Elaine.

I had to pick ds up from school to take him to a dental appointment, I arrived there just in time to hear the fire alarm go off, so had to wait for the exacuation and all clear before I could take him, so that was fun!

Delivered him back to school for part of the last morning session and lunchtime, so at least he can make the most of the sunny weather then.

It is beautiful here too.  have put 3 loads of washing out and it's lovely to see it all blowing about.