Willing back the sunshine Wednesday



Well its pouring down here.  It was so easy to get used to the lovely warm weather.

We've to head out later to do a few jobs and then I need to get organised to see what we're taking away with us but im not really a list and organised sort of person so I'll probably leave it all to the last minute on friday....

I am glad we aren't going away and BIL is staying here instead.

Off to do some shopping in a while. Other than that pottering around the house.

About to take DH's car to the garage for them to inspect the front crossmember. I was told 2 years ago that it was rotting and we got through last year's MOT with an advisory but I'm not sure we will get away with it again. The big downside is that I need to let him use my car and.given the mess he has made of his own I don't really want to do that.

It's still hot and sunny here, though they've given out rain showers for this afternoon. George is at nursery all day, and Olly's Dad is collecting him from school, so I'm free til 5pm. The upstairs has been cleaned to within an inch of it's life, and both boys wardrobes have been emptied; I found a pair of Olly's old shorts aged 3-4 in his wardrobe, made him try them on and they still fit his skinny waist (he's in 9-10 length jeans), tried the same shorts on George (who is 16 months) and they fit him round the waist too. Can't work out if Olly's too skinny one or George is too chunky!

Off to walk the dog in a minute, she's giving me evil eyes from the back of the sofa, bad girl. 

Sun is shining here although there are a few (white fluffy) clouds in the sky.

I've been awake off and on since about 4.30am with Corbin. He's still not 100% but definitely better than he was.  Another day of meds and if not back to his usual self tomorrow then DH can take him to the dr's again.

No plans for tonight, other than bath and bed at a decent time.  All these late nights, broken sleeps and early mornings are killing me.

Lazy day here so far, my feet have taken a pounding over the last couple of weeks and not sitting down from early  morning until late in the afternoon on Saturday, Sunday and Monday didn't help.
Need to try and tidy up as W's presents all all over the place

Morning :)
Roos been at preschool this morning and we've been at tiny town with a couple of Finns friends :)
Boys in the garden now the suns out :) Playing in the sand pit and on the trampoline :) I on the other hand have some washing to hang out ( think i'll sneak a go on the trampoline first lol).
Have a lovely day everyone x 

Im so jealous of your sunshine!

Shattered, thanks to OH being an wally and getting badly burnt and stung by a jellyfish he's not been sleeping, which means neither have I.  If only I had the nice kind of children that slept instead of the energy balls that I have Id happily have an afternoon nap.

Ive been to the big garden centre out in the next town, Ive cheated and bought filled planters and baskets which I'll claim to the OH are my own...  They were on offer and made it much cheaper than filling my own lol.

We did that with our pumpkins this year, Hopeful, because the bad dog got into the greenhouse and dug up all the seedlings. Little cowbag, she also ate a few tomato plants, and I had to whizz up to the garden centre and replace them all before Olly got home and noticed, because the greenhouse is his project this year. 

I hate that bloody dog. 

How did DH get stung by a jellyfish? Hope he's better soon, sounds horrible.x

I have a bit of a hangover today, went out for tea last night and then to visit my friend.  It would have been her sons 18th birthday yesterday but he died aged 14 months so we raised a glass to him and she had a good cry.

Went to gym this morning.  Body Combat classes and hangovers do NOT mix well.:sick:

Hopeful, I like your style regarding the garden thing!  Excellent.  Hope your OH feels better soon and you get some sleep.

OA I know you lurve her really!

Off to work in a bit.

ursh x

What a difficult day for your friend, Ursh, poor lady. Burgh to the hangover, nothing worse than hungover exercise, take it easy the rest of the day. 

I do love her, sometimes. She's a good girl, when she tries her best. I genuinely believe she's the dog version of Olly; she does ridiculous things just to see what will happen, even though she knows it'll end badly. It's like she can't fight her inner stupidity. Olly put a whole loo roll down the toilet and blocked it the other day. If Phoebe was human she'd do exactly the same.