Truimphant Thursday


Hi Folks

Been AFK for a while due to work having gone insane over the past few weeks. Hasn't really changed but just had to make time for this. Is just too good not to share.

YS has just passed ECDL. Is the youngest in the county to do so. He's 12

Absolutely hosing down here

Well done to him (what does it involve - its the computer thingy, isn't it?). I think you should tell the local paper, they always like stories like that, and then he'll have a nice cutting to go with his certificate! Its lvoely to have you back, as well. 

Today i will mostly be sleeping - this working nights lark is really taking it out of me. Fortuantely P has drama club after school, so I can get a few extra hours' sleep.


Its already in the local paper. Thats how I found out . I was going to post the link but thought it would violate the anonymity rules. Can PM it to you if you want

If you're happy to post the link, we'd LOVE to see it!

Hang on - you found out your own child's achievement via the lcoal paper??!!! Did he not think to mention it to you??!

I didn't see them last weekend because I was ill and there's no way their mum would tell me so the local paper it had to be.  Like I say if I post the link it will breach anonymity rules and I like being on here.

Well done to your son AS, pity your ex didn't let your son contact you to let you know

W all ready for his Jubilee Day at school. Instead of normal school lunch they are having a Street Party, the hall is decorated with loads of bunting and looks lovely
Dr's appointment later for me then I need to find a home for all of W's presents, they have taken over 2 rooms

Thanks JacqiL, one very proud dad here. Hope the weather's is ok for the Jubilee Day. The weather here wouldn't make you feel jubillant at all. Thats an awful lot of presents. When is W's birthday? YS (of ECDL fame) has his tomorrow and wondered if W is the same

Oh duh - i forgot about the issues with their mum...sorry

*is tactless*

i bet you are MASSIVELY proud of him, though. It is a good achievement.

Congratulations to your YS Always, thats amazing news, very clever boy, cant wait to see the link.

Totally pouring down here, its freezing.  On a strange note there was a lodgement in my bank account, I didnt do it neither did OH, the bank have no idea where it came from, just that it was a cash lodgement.  So do I wait and see if the bank made a mistake (very likely with my bank) or do I spend it (off on holidays tomorrow), then again if I spend it and they've made a mistake I'll have blown money on something I didnt need only to find it taken out of my account when I may actually need it......................