Flying Friday


Not liturally, but I have to take C to an appointment regarding his feet and legs, then get him to school, meet a friend to witness some paperwork, then meet another friend to collect W's present, then meet up with hubby, collect W and then maybe I'll get to have something to eat and drink.

Hope everyone else has a much calmer day

No school here today so we are going to do some running around this morning. I realised recently that DD2 is still wearing the trainers we got for going to America last March so I think I need to replace them. We also need to get my dad a birthday present as we are going to see him on Tuesday.

Town here too. Taking a friend to the jobcentre in a bit, then hoping to do a bit of shopping before having a haircut and then home. No allotment today.

speaking of eats, do you know what I'm really craving? A big fat egg mayo and cress (or salad) sandwich. Reckon I might buy one from Marks!

Beth and Corbin both at school today.  Beth has gone in wearing red, white and blue.  Corbin was supposed to do the same but with him being off sick I didn't know.  Oh well, at least he looks smart in his new school jumper! lol

Must go shopping after work as I have a carrot cake and some cupcakes to make for our family Jubilee party tomorrow .... weather dependant!  Not to mention the fact that there is next to nothing in the fridge/freezer/cupboards for dinner! lol

A running around day for me too,  I've just got in after school and hospital run and will need to go back to collect my mum when she rings me, then no doubt it will nearly be time to collect the kids from school again.

Dd is wearing red, white and blue today too, and (of course) we had to pay a pound for the privilege.

I am doing nothing for the jubilee thing - am I alone in that I wonder?

Today is SS's last school day - despite all the odds and with a huge thanks for the support over the years in his chequered school career it looks distinctly like he'll pass every GCSE except for Art.  I never would have believed that two years ago.

So, I took him in earlier, and am picking him up later.  ED has a virus, and has been three days in bed, YD is on a driving lesson.

And I have a 'telephone interview' today.  Although I don't know at what time.  I'm quite nervous.

Enjoy all your days out - I have paperwork for a meeting in 10 days whilst waiting for the phone to ring.

We aren't doing anything for jubilee beyond watching the stuff on the tv. There is a sort of street party but as Ys can be a bit unpredictable and I am not keen on the people organising it we are not involved. Last friday Es school had a picnic and parents were invited today YS has a picnic ( no parents) and went to school in red, white and blue.

Oh I have bought a couple of flags as The torch goes past the bottom of our street so the kids can wave them then.

Busy day here too. I have already been to town and put two loads of washing out and tidied up now about to tackle the kitchen. BIL is due around the same time as the kids.

i don't have to go to work tonight (yay!) so am not sleeping :-) This afteroon I am off to P's school to watch the balloon release, country dancing and Orange Rolling...and when we get home we are making biscuits. Tomorrow we are off to London for a long weekend staying with friends, watching the Thames flotilla and going to the street party in their road.

That sounds fabby BFG, I wish I loved close enough to London to be able to do that but it would just be too expensive.

What is your interview for Corris?

Certainly sounds like a fair bit of flying about here and there J, hope your weekend is calmer.

Hope all the kids enjoyed their Jubilee parties at school. 

Pretty non-descript kind of day for me, went to gym and Morries.  Now awaiting the tribe arriving home at various times and got to decide what to do for dinner.

ursh x

Not much on at work today so just floating around the boards and surfing. Have decided to take next Monday and Tuesday off. Nothing to do with the Jubilee though, more to do with foot high grass in the garden. Have decided to bite the bullet and get a petrol driven mower from B&Q tomorrow and get stuck in.  And a cordless hedge trimmer. Getting fed up of cutting through wires. 3 in three years is enough!

We're just waiting on es finishing school and then we're off for 10 days in sunny dunny Los fit to burst they want to be there already.   We've booked to take the Los on a steam train for ys' birthday then on dd's birthday we're off on a dolphin and whale sight seeing boat trip, which reminds me I must nab the camera charger.