Big Brother 2012

Is t that time of year again?

*rolls eyes*

Have fun watching you mad lot!!!

oh no bang goes my summer lol

series link it is then :D

See you on here later x x x

I'll be here, im absolutely shattered today but im going to take the laptop to bed and watch it there so i can chat and discuss them as they go in!  I love opening night

From 8 they are showing audition tapes and the public can vote for the last person to go into the house :-)

it will certainly make my ironing pile more bearable :)

Im falling asleep already, god knows how im going to stay awake until it finishes!!

I'm with you Hun, shall we do a catch up tomorrow? x x x

Yes lets, we can list them all and then comment on what our initial thoughts are :-)

So first 3 - 


(before I forget!) x x x