Olympic torch relay street-by-street routes

Leeds wrote:
Oh Kis, I do hope you get to see your lady! Have you been in touch with her much?  She must be sooooo grateful to you for nominating her.

Day booked off Leeds so I had better see her!  Yes, we are in touch via fb and she has kept me informed all along, bless her. 

Also realised today I "know" three torch bearers, get me!lol

DD goes on a school trip in June, and the torch just happens to be in that place on the morning they go.  They won't be there in time to see it, of course, but I''m more concerned that increased traffic en route will delay them getting there and to the hotel.

Ursh, that's pretty much how I feel lol.

DD1 has been chosen to be part of a choir of primary school children who will sing for the torch coming through our town.

That's great, Elaine, congratulations to her.

Oh, how lovely Elaine! 

Our 2 local town halls are flying the Olympic flag for the whole of the relay, I presume it's the same countrywide.

xxJaneyxx wrote:
There is going to be an 'evening celebration' including pop concert at a park near me.  I've already applied for (free) tickets for it, but won't find out if we're successful for a couple of months.

I received an email the other day confirming I had the tickets I wanted.  Ds said he wanted to go to see the flame - but wasn't bothered about the concert! :O