Fun Friday


Going to ball pool/soft play with Emma and my best friends little girl Bella, then some lunch, its one of those 2 for £10 places.  Then Simon wants to go to B&Q, hes turning into Alan Titchmarsh, hes obsessed with the garden!  

Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxxxx

Morning Miss P - I missed you come back from Wales, did you have a nice time?

We have had family up this week, well SS's family, and it's all gone very well indeed.  I have had a lovely week.  Tiring, but lovely.

Today we are supposed to be going to Pleasurewood Hills, but currently the rain is coming sideways across the watermeadows and the wind is a howling.   We may not be doing that today then.

Morning all :)
Have a lovely time Miss P x Don't forget to remind him about eBay, they have a really good selection of cheap plants on there :)))
Glad you had a lovely week Corris.
Weather is rubbish here, strong winds and raining! Today we are having a couple of friends over and possibly doing the weekly shop tonight.
Have a lovely day everyone x

Working this morning then off to see the torch. The school isn't closed but the girls came home with a letter yesterday saying the head is happy for us to take them out to see it.

 Good morning all!

Elaine, our local scools are going en masse when it visits here, they've even got special viewing places right at the front - enjoy, and hope you get a good view!

Miss P, at first read your post wrong and thought Simon wanted a BBQ!  I was thinking that's a bit odd considering the weather lol.   Enjoy  your day, does sound fun,.

Corris sideways rain does not sound much fun.

My windscreen wiper, (drivers side, well it would be!) has packed up.  Thankfully it gave up when I was almost home from collecting dd from work in pouring rain last night.  Garage can't do it till after dinner so I'm praying the rain holds off till I get it there.  It's not looking good though.

SS is visiting this weekend, and Euros start this afternoon,, my England flag is in the window so let the football feast begin!

ursh x

Once again nothing planned, may make some biscuits later 

Enjoy the ball pool Miss P, have a lovely time with your friends RM, hope the weather isn't rubbish whilst you are out watching the torch Elaine and bleurgh to the windscreen wiper Ursh

Ursh you have reminded me to go and dig out the england flags.
Corris it is also raining sideways here which as meant a change of plans too although we were only going into town.  I can here the wind raging across the chimney top.

Enjoy the torch Elaine. I can't wait for it to come here.

Another fun filled day at work!  Our new cleaner locked one of the cupboards that we don't have a key for with all the milk/sugar/teabags etc in so by the time I arrived at work everyone was like a bear with a sore head! lol  Managed to get one of the lads up from the yard to break into it!

DH is off to his future BiL's stag weekend this weekend, even though he feels and looks like crap!

I'm off to give blood tonight, thankfully my dad is down for a while to help me with the kids.

No plans for dinner just yet, will see what is in the freezer when I get home.

Weather is grey and miserable.  Hoping it clears by Sunday for the Cleethorpes Air Show but it's really not looking promising at all :(

Grey here too! Oh for some sunshine...

Oh dear BB, not looking good at all for an airshow!   We were supposed to have the Red Arrows here last August but it was cancelled due to bad weather, I was really disappointed even though I've seen them a fair few times it's such a spectacle i was really looking forward to it.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Sorry to everyone with horizontal rain and gales but it only spitted a bit here at lunchtime and the suns been out for a couple of hours nowB)

ursh x

Evening, we came home early from our hols as the pouring rain and gales were so bad. Los not happy. I need to go food shopping but I can't face it so the plans for tonight are a hot bath and a Chinese take away.