Just because she was short by 20p

I've just been reading about this on Sky News website and I am shocked and sickened that no one on that bus offered the girl 20p.  She begged people 8 times to help her and then asked the bus driver to wait 2 mins to allow her to get to the ATM across the road and he said NO!!!

He should be held accountable for his actions, especially considering the time of the incident, the fact she was a single female and ultimately what it led to.  Not as bad as the thing that sexually assaulted her but an "accomplice" if you like.

20p has ruined this girls life forever.  I hope they can all live with themselves.

*Shiver*  how awful.  I think I remember hearing about that last year.

It is shocking that no-one offered to pay the difference, but as one of the comments on the link says, would other passengers be sober enough to realise the problem.

I think it is possible the other passengers didn't realise.

Appalling story, and I think the bus driver was wrong and an investigation is appropriate. I've had a bus wait 2 mins for me before, to get cash. it wouldn't have killed him.

But I also think we ought not to be side tracked here... the bus driver wasn't the lowlife who beat and raped this girl. He was impatient and thoughtless and not terribly chivalrous, unkind, certainly, but he isn't in the same league as the criminal who then attacked her.

 No, absolutely not but if were that bus driver I wouldn't be sleeping at night,

It makes me question just how many people have common decency, I'm sure all of us here would have given that girl the 20p she needed.  You'd think no-one would see a young girl stranded at 3am in morning!!

Too many stickler jobsworths who do everything absolutely by the book instead of showing a bit of common sense. 

I know this isn't the exact same thing but a free bus service for children in South East Queensland was put in place after this boys abduction to ensure 'no child gets left behind'


She wasnt' a child but she WAS vunerable at 3am in the morning and I'd like to see a similar scheme in place in Britain.

ursh x

I remember years ago (I was about 24) getting a bus home about 7pm and it was cold & dark. I was at the main bus station & two children aged about 6 & 7 asked if I had any money so they could get a bus home. I gave them the money without hesitation & off they went. It did cross my mind that it was a scam to get money off people but I couldn't live with myself if they were genuine & they needed to get home.

I would like to think that if I was on the bus I would of gave her the money.

I believe there is a scheme in Norwich whereby taxi's will take students back to uni even if the person has no money, they have to show their Uni ID (possibly having to hand it over) and pay  within a given time - one of ES's school friends is at Uni there and I'm sure she and her mum were talking about it when I last spoke to them

 That's a really good idea, must be a weight of a mothers mind.  I know I used to worry about ED a lot when she was a Uni in case she got seperated from her friends in a big city she didn't know!

That does indeed sound like a great scheme.