Mystery Monday


Well where I end up today will be
W has injections this morning - the surgery had no trace of him for last week, so re-arranged for today, I have found the original appointment card so will take that along with me, I may just stick it where the sun don't shine.

Afterwards we are going into town to pay a couple of bills, then go for breakfast - after that we are going to see where we end up just hope it doesn't rain

I've done a Monday one as well lol - can someone delete mine please x x x
Roo back to preschool this afternoon, need to book an appointment to get his hair cut for tomorrow as they are having their leavers photos :( 
Gammon in the oven cooking, load of washing on and some ironing to put away - that's about it really lol x
Enjoy your breakfast out Jac and make sure you make a point with that appointment card lol x 

Hope W is ok with his jabs and fx the rain stays off for you.

We've to take dd to see her new school and meet her teacher, also have to take ys along to meet his nursery teacher and buy their uniforms! Id have prefered to wait because I know they'll grow that much. Will be fun trying to get things to fit them especially us as he's a skinny little thing. Age 18-24onths in the waist is still too big.

DH had a phone call last night, the guy he works with hcame off his motor bike and is in hospital. Fractured ribs, punctured lung, broken collar bone and other injuries. DH is quite stressed out this morning.

Other than that not much doing for me today. Recovering from the hols.

I'm sorry about your friend Brandie - best wishes to him.

I am going to a funeral today, and I am fighting calling it off - it's a neighbour, I should go, but I am not keen.

I also have no idea what to wear.

Miserable day here. Have taken DH's car to the garage so am now in the centre of Glasgow with a few hours to kill. It's only 2 1/2 weeks till we go on holiday so will pick up some things for that. I should really get myself along for my work uniform too but forgot to sort it out on Friday.
Corris - anything smart goes for a funeral these days.

Oh Corris I don't like going to funerals either. When the two neighbours here passed way I went to the church services but not the wakes. I went as more as a representative of my Dad as I know he would of gone if he were still with us iyswim.

the weather is fit for november rather than June here so i am hoping this means a good summer.

How difficult is it for DH to get an 8 year old and an 11 year old to school? The 8 year old was dressed when I left and the 11 year old was nearly dressed with 40 minutes until they needed to leave the house. I had made the packed lunch and left them to get snacks. Not hard.
Got a phone call earlier from DH asking where DD1's flute is and what else does she need with it as she had forgotten it

Had a sleepless night last night, and when I say sleepless I mean I literally didn't sleep- all night!!! Grrrrrrrrr. I was still awake at 5.30, but must have dropped off at 6 because I woke up again when the boy woke. Slept on and off till 8 when I woke up and pretended to be a good mummy for half an hour till the taxi came then back to bed until 12.30.

Well almost- the 'mis-sold ppi-loan-insurance-whatnot-on-a-loan-you've-taken-out' company who rang me at 10.30 may have got short shrift, but to be fair they have phoned a bajillion times in the past few weeks and had the same response every time no, I haven't had a loan, so please can they take me off their calling list, thanks awfully.

The only loans I've ever had (have!) are the student ones, (and they don't count for ppi) but clearly this state of affairs is highly unusual because they will not believe me and just ring back in a few days!!!!!

Anyway I was Not Pleased, but I went straight back to sleep after so that was ok.


 How flipping annoying EB!  Hope you get a better sleep tonight, was somethiing specific keeping your brain rattling or just one of those nights?

Sorry to hear about the accident Brandie,hope your hubbies colleague makes a full recovery, sounds nasty.

Been to gym for a couple of hours, almost killed me after a week off.  Flew round morries, flew round with hoover and am off to work soon till 7pm.

Looking forward to the  England match later but as I'm at work will record and  watch with OH when I get home cos it's a 5pm so we both need to avoid finding out the score before then which will be difficult!

ursh x

One child back at school, the other not back til tomorrow.

I'm at work after dropping Corbin at school,   Could think of 1001 things I could be doing rather than sat here til 3pm.

I have some laundry to catch up on, could be doing with changing bedding too.  Will see how much my tiredness sets in after dinner .... whatever that may be!