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Current death toll

I went to the allotment today. God, it was depressing...

out of 7 courgettes, 5 are still going, although a couple of them are looking shady. The squashes- all my specialities are now dead, ditto the butternuts. A couple of honeybears are holding on- just- and a few pumpkins, but over half are dead too

The runner beans are gone, the borlottis are mostly munched, the last cabbages and sprouts have popped their clogs now. The French beans never germinated at all, just rotted in situ.


And its all such a mess too, weeds everywhere, am beginnig to think I can't manage the second allotment after all.

The corn is hanging in there though, only a couple have died, the rest aren't actually growing but they aren't dying. And the sunflowers are Ok. I don't think they are an eating variety lol so no seeds, but hey! Spuds also doing well. So will have potatoes and corn at least. I have broccoli at home to plant out there, and leeks, but it's going to be a much leaner harvest than last year I have to say :(