Sleepy Saturday


Ive been awake since 4 with my sciatica, couldnt get comfy in bed at all, darn back.  

Am going into town in a bit, if my backs eases! to get simon a couple of bits from the girls for fathers day tomorrow.  

then after lunch MIL is taking Emma to see fireman sam live on stage.  Emma doesnt know yet, she will be so excited!  She loves fireman sam, especially naughty norman!!  

SOOOO i will have the house to myself from around 2-7 :-)  Think i will have a little nap, catch up on last nights bb and enter some comps 

Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxxxxx

Morning :)
Enjoy your peace and quiet this afternoon :) I bet Emma is going to be really surprised :)
Nice quiet day here, promised the boys some puddle splashing and I need to wrap the oh's father days present and the boys are going to make his card :)
Have a lovely Saturday everyone x

Off to Norfolk later, ES only came home last night and he's being deserted by us

Have a nice time :)

Al and i have been allotmenting today, 30 leeks and 10 runner beans planted and some mowing and stuff done. I have blisters on my hands, ouch! Push mowers are the devil!

Making mashed spuds as part of tea, but peeling spuds painful so have left the boy to do it, oh my goodness you should hear the moaning, his neck hurts, his back hurts, he doesn't think he's co-ordinated enough, on and on and on, he did stop when I remarked that obviously he was on the wii too much and it was straining his muscles and I perhaps ought to review his computer time?

Al can still be fooled if you pretend to be concerned like that heehee