Father's day Sunday


Dh is having a lie in which is good as I need to wrap the gifts the kids have got him.

Ys was up early and tried to put on the playstation but i stopped him.

Morning Brandie

Happy Fathers day to all the wonderful dads out there

Simon is having a lie in too, will leave him a while before i send emma in!!  

Emma is currently reading me the guffalo, love the voices she does!  

Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxxx

Morning all :)
Happy Fathers day to all the Dads :)
Steve has gone on a 15mile bike ride lol! No bacon and eggs but he did get a bowl full of fresh fruit and yogurt :)
Woke up to the kitchen smelling yummy! Put the bits for a stew in last night so it's ready for lunch and it's looking good :)
Boys off out today and I've got a date with some exercise lol x
Have a lovely day everyone x x x

Not long back from Norfolk, had a fantastic time, got an award and cried a few tears

Mental day to end a mental week.
DH was going out on Friday night to a cheese and whisky evening at someone's house so the other guy's wife and someone else decided they were coming here to keep me company and we invited a few others too. That meant tidying downstairs in this house which seemed manageable.

Put DH's car into the garage on Monday for a service and MOT thinking I would get it back that day. £290 and 2 days later (after the £200 welding job the previous week) I got it back. Just after I picked it up my boss sent me a text asking me if I could work an extra day this week- yes please- so I worked 3 days this week (one of them on my own as the boss is off for a long weekend).

DD1 was at the high school for a couple of days this week and then we were there on Wednesday night for our "induction".

Thursday was spent doing housework then homework and off to swimming lessons and then back to school for a Jubilee Street Party in the playground.

I was working on Friday (totally weird week as I normally work a Thursday) and part of the way through the morning DH phoned me to ask if it was alright if one of my friends brought her 3 year old over in the evening. I reluctantly agreed and he said she would phone me after I got back from school. I was confused as she had said she had other plans for Friday night so couldn't come over. When she phoned it turned out she wasn't coming here but needed a babysitter (her DH was going to the whisky and cheese night DH was going to) so wanted to leave him here. She is a wonderful friend who leaves meals on our door step and gives us bottles of wine for no reason so I agreed but said my 11 year old would be looking after him. When she turned up at 7.30 (my guests were coming at 8) her son was still in day clothes (she had said he would be ready for bed) and she had to go home as she didn't have his suitcase in the car (she thought her DH had put it in the boot before he left).
Crazy evening but a great time once I got all the children to bed. There were only 5 of us but one of the 5 didn't know a couple of the others so it was a good way for her to get to know us.
On Saturday there was a family bbq at the church which we were all going to go to until DD1 came home from school with a letter inviting her to a bbq at our church in the evening. DH took DD2 to the first bbq. I had promised DD1 that she could get her ears pierced for her prom this coming Thursday so she and I went into Glasgow in the afternoon and we had some time wandering the shops so I avoided both bbqs :D .
Sunday morning we were all at church and then the girls and I spent the afternoon in their bedroom tidying and checking that DD1 has enough clothes for our holiday. We are getting the house double glazed in stages and the next stage includes the girls' bedroom. The guy wants to come this week to measure up so the room needs to be presentable. DD2 had a huge clearout of books while DD1 and I cleared out her wardrobe so we had a good afternoon.

Elaine i am exhausted just reading that lol

We went to the beach in the end. Had a lovely relaxing day as Dh had a hetic week last week and this week isn't looking much better.