Just ordered one, nervous but excited!  

Well done.

Good luck with it x

I love my mooncup :)

I would love to try one but am a bit worried I won't get on with it - that's a lot of money for me and it not to get on lol! Let me know how it goes lol ;) x x x

Thats whats taken me so long to buy one, but ive just sold some things on ebay so thought i would get one.  

My periods are so heavy that even the top strength tampons arent absorbant enough, sorry TMI i know!  

Apparently it can take some getting used to, to take it out!!!

Will let you know how i get on!

PS. Its a new one on ebay not a used one :)) :sick:

Miss P my periods are like yours and incredibly heavy and painful, last time we had a chat on here about mooncups I bit the bullet and I swear it lessens period pain hugely compared to when I used tampons. The only issue I had was trimming down the applicator bit to fit, but now I'm used to it, I won't ever go back to tampons. 

That is so good to hear OA.

Did you find it tricky "getting it in" the first time you used it????

Seei am worried that i would make a mess with it.
Also i keep sing it to the tune of the moonpig ads ;)

Brandie that just made me giggle! x


A good thing to do is to practice putting it in and taking it out when you recieve it, either mid cycle when one is naturally more lubricated anyway or with the help of some KY. Get the technique sorted BEFORE ones period comes along, because obviously everything is just that little more sensitive around period time and you really don't want to be rummaging around too much- it hurts!

Last month I couldn' t find my mooncup. I was so horrified at the thought of having to go back to tampons that month I went out and bought another cup, despite knowing I'd almost certainly have found mine by then (which I have) THAT is how much better it is.

See I didn't think to do that EB, and the first couple of times I got in a bit of bother trying to work it out. But yep, once you get the hang it's very easy and fuss-free.