Throwing Down Thursday


Sports Day at M's school but of course the weather has other ideas. Tidying and entertaining W are the only 2 things on my agenda today.

Have a good day

Oh dear Jac is she disappionted. Es has his sports day on monday. It's suppose to be fine after a weekend of rain.

Not sure what's going on today but  I am baking for YS school fayre.

Wet here too. DD1 came home without her jacket yesterday so she is going to have to wear her winter jacket. Working today and then home to get DD1 ready for her prom. DH has the fun of getting DD2 to swimming so he can see for once why I come in each week having given up the will to live.

Wet here as well.  Exchange student going to Brighton for the day - hope she likes shopping, as I don't think that the beach/fair will be much fun in this weather.  Have to take her and DD to school to get a coach to the sirport at 5:30 tomorrow morning - it is making me feel quite ill thinking about it!  I am wondering if I can convince everyone that coach drop off is a daddy job .............

Pouring down here too.

Sil (the one that hit ys) has invited herself for the weekend so Ive decided we're going away so she cant come.  She's not welcome and Im sure as hell not waiting on the lazy sod hand and foot.

Bank finally sorted this morning and the missing money is also in my account so at least thats one hassle sorted.

Es came home with a ripped blazer yesterday thinking I was going to run out and buy him a new one, it got sewed, he finished next thursday and I know if I bought him it early it would be ruined by the end of next week and he'd be expecting another one for september he's just that careless.

Need to go to tesco today a the cupboards are bare, then have to take dd to the doctors for some tests this evening, other than that and a load of washing we've nothing else planned.

Pouring down here too.  Dd had good weather for her school residential.  Shame that the other class is there now with rain forecast today and tomorrow.  I have a bag full of her clothes to wash, but it ain't gonna go out to dry today, so no hurry with that ...

Raining here too! Was going to nip out to the allotment and plant leeks, but I don't do gardening in the rain. I know, I know... 'soft Southern jessie' as my uncle would call me... hehe

So it will be cleaning out of the kitchen I think, It has to be empty by Sunday and all my good intentions of doing half an hour a night seem to have fallen by the wayside! Um. Or rather I HAVE done stuff, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect! I seem to have seven boxes of stuff in the living room, and no discernible difference in the kitchen!

Kitchen units delivery this afternoon, and the lad has youth group no 2 later which is apparently a fish and chip supper so he should enjoy that.

Rain here too!  Looks like a countrywide thing :(

Dropped both kids at their respective schools, DH dropped me at work.

Going with DH's nana to the bingo tonight. She phoned to ask if we could go since we missed it last week with everything that happened with DH's mum.

Have to collect Beth from school because of the weather, and then home to do some laundry.

Was looking at a fairly routine day until about an hour ago when I got a call from the Uni Chaplain who was in a total flap. She needed to get a file off her pen drive and copied on to a CD which will be presented to the Dalai Lama tomorrow. No pressure then. Wasn't too hard though. Just  had to be copied on to a compatible CD and needed to be converted so that Realplayer could 'see' it. So looks like I'm probably going to Heaven. Well when you do a favour for two different religions thats got to get you a few brownie points! Just all that other stuff might count against me.

Can today get any more bizzare? Went up to the shop to get lunch and when I came back I couldn't get across the road because of a parade of children (reception to p3 possibly) and parents dressed in various national costumes and carrying various home made national flags (I saw Switzerland, Italy and Ireland and a leprechaun) led by a woman playing 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' on a French Horn. And bringing up the rear was a smiling copper.  I'm not making this up. Honest!

I hope you took pictures