Friday Friday


Morning all, thought I'd let hubby have a lie in so took M upto her friends to get the bus, would much rather still be asleep myself.

Shopping and tidying today, now that ES is home the toys are encroaching more and more into the living room so need to get that sorted

Hope everyone has a good day and it's not too wet where you are

It is horrible here.
DD1 is very tired and tearful this morning and it is only going to get worse. She has 2 P1 buddies that she looks after on a Friday the big buddies take their little buddies for an early lunch and they have time together. Today is the last Friday of school so it is the last buddy lunch so she is going to be very upset later as she adores her little buddies.
Working today and then need to go and see if we can get DD2 a pair of Doodles for our holidays. Then DH and I are off to see the high school show and the girls are staying over with my mum.

I have a kitchen to tid after yesterday's baking session. I also need ot hoover. It is now raining here too. it was sunny when I woke up.

Morning all :) 
Had a bit of rain this morning but nothing major, sun is shining atm. Just having breakfast, washing on and then I need to clean the toilet floor as that's the only thing that needs doing.
Not sure what to do once we've picked Roo up, we shall see how it goes x
Have a lovely day whatever you are doing x

Morning, pouring down here.

Bank has messed up again, my account has frozen, apparently I can only get money out if I go to a branch in Belfast and bring them my bank statement as they can't see my account. I can't do this because my statements are all online and their online service doesn't work!!!!! Numpties!!!!
they told me the other day it would be fixed in a few hours now they're saying they dont know when it'll be fixed but it doesn't look like it'll be done this weekend at least!

Ironing, then packing to go away for the weekend.

Rain, rain, rain... its stopped for the mo bar a few spits. but its looking grey and grim.

I took a drawer front to Topps Tiles to see if it matches with the tiles I'd chosen... it did not. The tiles are considerably dingier a white and next to the units will end up just looking dirty lol. Second choice tile was similar. Third choice matches though. Third choice is also 1) boring and 2) the most expensive of the lot, wouldn't you know!

Also bought two more mini paint pots s didn't like any of the four before and had ruled out the three before that, getting annoyed with myself now. I think there's one I like. I know my mother will say rude things about it (everything bar practically white is 'too dark' according to her, forgetting my kitchen is currently bright pink and it looks fine. I like a bit of colour, what can I say???)

It's pouring down here too.

I was thinking of going to a public meeting this morning, about a local war memorial, but as it starts now and I'm still here, I guess the decision is made not to go.

Hopeful, there was something on the news yesterday about the banking system problems you are having.  How inconvenient for you, and everyone else effected.

EB, I hope you find a colour you like soon.  Will you end up with bright pink again?

I like number 4 :)

Another rainy day here, couldn't be bothered getting up this morning but the kids needed their hair washed after another round of Hedrin!  I will banish these little sods from our house.

Beth walked to school while DH dropped Corbin at school then me at work.  It's cold and miserable in here at the moment.  And I just want to shut my eyes and sleep tbh :(

No plans for tonight, dinner will be picked from the freezer.

No rain here now, very bright. I've been making gypsy tarts... yummmm. We've got my friends pup for the weekend, she's gone to Amsterdam lucky moo. He's sound asleep, only played with him in the garden & he's conked
OD has got Dr's later to see what this pain in her chest is. I'm not sure if it's connected to her hayfever, she's been so bad with it this year bless her.