Natwest and RBS computer glitch stretches into third day

Thankfully DH's wages went in, but quite a few of his collegues haven't been paid. I didn't check before I went shopping!
I hope they sort it out quickly for you, end of the month usually means lots of bills going out for most people.

I didnt check before i went shopping either, card was declined at the till, :'(

OOHHHhhh thats not so good.

Everyone is panicking here, they are due to be paid on Monday.

Had one of the agency staff in delivering payslips and advising us to remind our temp staff about the problems.

My wages went in ok this morning, thankfully.

I have had a very frustrating couple of days at work because of this. We couldn't access our bank account online so I couldn't do a lot of work.

My bank is the sister branch of these banks, my account was frozen because I'd put money into before it crashed. The money went in a day later only for me to discover its frozen again today! Apparently you can get cash out if you go into a branch and can prove you've money going in. As I transferred money online I can't and I don't have an up to date statement showing my balance as ally banking is done online and you can't access statements online!

Oh dear...

As luck would have it I'm currently using my Barclays account, having paid for the kitchen on the Natwest one... I'd be in trouble otherwise.

Our wages go through on Monday with natwest as well - Natwest assured us the transactions would all go through, but if anyone had a Natwest account the money might not show for a few days, even thouhg it was there.  No help with using cards, but direct debits and the like will be fine.

I physically went into a bank and lodged money into it, its still not showing either.  All my accounts are with ulster bank they're bloody hopeless, all they've said that if they'll eventually refund anyone that receives charges for being overdrawn but they're not paying people late payment fee's if they are charged by their service provider..
All you are hearing about is people stranded on holidays too, its total madness, though it makes you think how at risk your money can be.  Me thinks that I shouldnt have put all my eggs in the one basket and I need to make some changes if I can ever get access to my account.
I'll be off later to belfast to try and speak to someone since Im not able to access my account through the local branch, so much for the peoples bank.

A full week later and my account is still not working, my money seems to have disappeared into thin air! I HATE that bank!