My My it's Monday


Morning all, W back to school today, I have to go pay a couple of bills then sort out my living room.
C goes into respite today until Friday so should be a fairly peaceful week here

Morning :)
Off to throw the boys in the bath in a bit. General tidying this morning, then roo has preschool this afternoon and I need to pop to morrisons again - fancy a massive salad type tea tonight :)
Have a lovely day :) The sun is shining here x 

Morning ladies,

We went university viewing this weekend,  hasn't helped her at all;

Biomedicine or Equine Studies is the big debate in our house at the moment,

I have the dog to the vet this morning at 9, a day of paperwork ready for the meetings next week and curry for tea.   I started weight controlling yesterday, so halved the beef joint I was going to cook saving half for a curry today.  And there were STILL leftovers so that says something about the quantities I was cooking!

Sunny here in Norfolk.

Enjoy your quiet week Jacqui - and Morrisons Roo - Morrisons is my favourite.

Sunny here too.
Last few days of school and we have an Olympic fun event this morning which I will try to get along too. I much running around to do today though.

Sunny & warm here as well. My friend is coming to get her pup in a bit, and then we can have a clean up. He decided digging in the garden was a great idea and bearing in mind he is a creamy colour, he looked delightful! I've managed to clean him up a bit, he really didn't like being


Morning, still waiting on signs that summer has arrived, weathers not great here, off to argue with the bank in a bit.
Es is finishing school for the summer this week and has decided that he'd like to have a sort of party as a few of his friends are moving off with their parents being in the RAF, so I need to sort out somethings but I need to be able to check my bank account first before I agree to anything!

Its dry today, so I am going to have a go at cutting my grass. The back garden looks absolutely awful, the weeds have gone rampant, and I am sure we have a rogue sniper living in the shrubbery, who hasnt realised that the war has ended.....

i also have to go to the shops and get some purple braid for P's Sheriff of Nottingham costume, which is very nearly finished. When its done, I'll post a picture on here.

i am also hoping that i don't have to go to work tonight, so i can get back into some sort of normal 'daytime' rhythm. Working nights is actually killing me!

I had to drive Ys to school today as they was a bus mix up.

All went well. First time have driven so far since my lessons.

Not sure what to do for the rest of the day pottering probably.

I hope the Olympic fun event was, well, fun, Elaine.  Dd's primary has an Olympic week, starting today.

I've just been to the 'opening ceremony' which was fab, lighting the beacon at the start was nearly as good as the real one I saw last night!  All the pupils have been divided into teams for each country and had to decorate tee shirts to represent them.  They all looked brilliant.

Enjoy your peaceful week Jacqui.  I'm looking forward to seeing P's costume BFG. 

The sun keeps popping in and out here, did an hours gardening earlier and took the dog for a fairly long walk.   Had a new bed delivered for ED as well, she slept on just her mattress last night cos we skipped the old one. 

As Monday's go it's not too bad.

ursh x