Tearful Thursday


Today is DD1's last day at primary school. I am working and they are going to my mum's when school finishes at 1. I would normally let them walk themselves but am going to take a few minutes off to pick them up because it is her last day.

((((HUGS)))) Elaine, its an emotional day, i was in that position last year.  Enjoy it tho! xxxxxxxxxxxx 

Need to pay some bills this morning :sad: and thats about it! 

Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh what a big day - is she really ready for it?  I know mine where.

I cried my eyes out when mine left nursery.... :( Hope they have a lovely day Elaine x
I've got my niece this afternoon, and I'm taking her to watch YD in the schools athletic championships. Picnic all sorted.

YD is in her last Kent league competition on Sunday for this year, and she;s up for selection for the under 13 girls team for Kent.... she's 12 soon and by christ can she ever throw a shot or discus a long way!


off to the docs this morning as i have no idea whats going on with the boy, hes been unwell for a few days, sore throat, cough etc and a strange rash, they have hand foot and mouth going round nursery as well as chickenpox but his symptoms dont quite fit either.

apart from that think its going to be a quiet day, need to retrieve my car from the resteraunt where we had dinner last night as i decided to treat myself to a glass of wine so left it there for the night

((Hugs)) I remember that feeling well.  I used to cry buckets at the end of every term!!

SD jolly well done to your DD, you must be absolutely thrilled.:D  Best of luck to her, hope she makes it and hope you get some sun for your picnic, it's dismal here.


Hope your boy is feeling better soon ST.

Going round my mums soon, she's having problems with her phone and i *think* she wants me to take her shopping this morning.  If she doesn't, well,  I have a few jobs I need to do in town then I'm in work 12-7.

Ha\ve a good day all

ursh x

Morning, floods everywhere here, why the OH has even tried to get to work is beyond me. He's been driving for 2 1/2 hrs trying to find a passable road! 

Ive a poorly ys, he's throwing up, poor little mite is never sick so he's been hit for six with this.
All plans for today are now out the window other than my daily complaint/enquiry to the bank wondering where my money has gone!

Hopeful not to annoy you but the money guy on BBC breakfast was saying Ulster bank issued a statement saying most customers should be sorted by monday hopefully.

It's blooming muggy here and i hate it. I 'm off in a mo to get my youngest sis dog to take to my middle sis ( dn't ask very onfused myself).

Stroppy 5 year old didn't want to go to school this morning, 'twas a battle and a half but once he was in the car he was fine.

Hope you don't cry too much Elaine, Spakle fx for your YD, Summer hope the little lad feels better soon and Hopeful, hope YS stops being sick, the bank sorts out your money and your OH realises what an idiot he's being and turns home

Summer, hope the little man is better soon, HF&M is doing the rounds here, too (we're not too far from you I think) and Olly woke up with mouth spots yesterday, I had a little panic til he said they were felt tip pen. 

Hopeful, poor little chap, hope he's better soon, is YD ok?

Jacs glad your little man made it to the car finally, must be something in the air; Olly's not been wanting to go to school this week, am so looking forwards to the summer holidays. 

Hope your DD has a lovely last day, Elaine, are the school going to commemorate it? 

Good luck to your DD for Sunday, Sparkle. 

Just about to hang washing out when it started to thunder, so have 5 loads of washing to get dry, dog is helping by stealing socks and burying them in her bed/nest. Have taken Fake Timmy to the vets for his jabs, he's napping on the sofa now giving me the stinkeye, had to lure him into the basket with a hunk of smoked salmon and he still managed to gouge my hands. George is only doing a halfday at nursery so am trying to get all my work done this morning, failing miserably though so will no doubt be trying to get it done when the boys are home. 

Olly needs new Judo kit for tomorrow night so we're off to buy that after school and then over to horseriding, though if it's still thundering I don't think Chez (his horse) will be up to much. He keeps telling me for christmas he wants a horse of his own, and he's very good at mucking out the neighbour's horse most mornings with her (I wanted him to realise it's not prancing about a paddock twice a week while other people do the grafting) except now he's sticking with it and doing brilliantly, the next logical step is to see if we can get one on loan for a year or two while he improves. DH is dead against it, saying only spoiled brats have horses, I wonder if we could just do it in secret and not tell DH?

OA there is no way you could do anything in secret, Olly would grass you up