Update on dad and son


Update on dad - Things are still not good as it looks as if the general hospital were a bit too keen to pass dad onto rehab as they are having problems with him and he had currently had no rehab treatments as they are still struggling to get his medication under controll. His blood pressure started dropping very low so they started taking him off some if the heart tablets then his heart rate climbed again, so they are still juggling his meds, also he still has a lot of pain round the wound site that they have got to sort out, but he seems to be in good spirits.  Re my son, the school have finally got the incident recorded (it has only taken a week!) and we now have to wait to see what they will do from here, the boys concerened were punished, but we will have to wait and see if the bullying stops.  It is not helping that this weather is causing me mega problems because when I get hot at the moment I overheat, I feel tired all the time, and just feel like everything is overwhelming me at the moment. It also is not helping that I am not sleeping well, and actually fell asleep in the chair yesterday afternoon, something I have not done since the boys were little. I just hope next month is easier!

I hope things get sorted for your dad soon, Wilfver.  These things do sometimes take time, and it is terribly frustrating to simply have to sit and watch what is going on without being able to change anything yourself.  And I'm glad that he is in good spirits, that must help!

Hope things get better for your son too.  At least now the school know what has been going on, and there can be no excuses for not dealing with it. 

Thanks both of you, I think that with the big M rearing it's head that has not helped, so I may have to give in and go and see the GP for something that will help, then at least I will be slightly less of an emotional wreck!!!