Ipod Touch


YD has been going on & on about having one of these & has driven me completely round the bend about it.
She wants to spend her pocket money on it as it plays music. I don't know much about these things, but her phone plays music, I know it does as I've loaded stuff onto it., her phone plays games, takes photos, videos and all that jolly & it cost £40. The Ipod shes seen costs £150! I can't help feeling its another wasted gadget.

I've had to phone her at her Dads and talk to her as her last text read "Its my money" cheeky mare. (I spoke to her Dad as well, as he doesn't help by fuelling all this, teling her he pays CSA £300 a month, bl**dy liar.)

Am I being a scrooge putting my foot down & saying no to this Ipod touch?


I don't know about them either, so can't give any help, sorry!

We told our daughter that her phone was adequate enough for music and that an ipod was a waste of money, we refused to buy her one or let her use her money for one

How 'hers' is the money?

If it comes to christmas and birthday and earnt money we leave them to their own devices.

And an Ipod is VERY different to a phone - could you compromise and allow her to have a nano do you think?

I am laughing at this as I am reading and replying to this on my I Pod!!!!! I got mine for music but it is so much more, it is basically like a mini I Pad, my boys have saved their wages and pocket money to buy their's as I feel they need to understand how expensive they are, you do need an internet connection to do a lot of the things, but there is a free chat and face to face chat option that is saving us a fortune on phone bills 

I'm not sure how much help I'm going to be lol but we have an iPad, 2 iPhones and I still have my iPod touch lol! I love it, I know I can have my phone to play my music but I like having it separate. If it is 'her' money then I'd be inclined to let her get it if it's what she really wants but only because I love mine and also I know the boys can play on it without ringing someone lol x 

The phone calls are not an issue as 3 of us & her Dad are on O2, so its free to call & text each other.
I really think we've got enough gadgets in the house without one more, as for her MP3 player I haven't seen that for yonks.

Corris it is her pocket money & I put the CSA money in there as well for school trips, uniform & athletics stuff. She does her jobs around the house for the pocket money.
I haven't got a clue what a nano is, I can feel another reading session coming on here.

The other thing is now, I have already said no, so doing a U turn on it is going to send the wrong message to her after all the wearing me down this week.
I dont know what to do.... :(

How old is she Sparkle? Olly has an ipod touch, it's my old one which I stopped using once we got our iphones, to be very honest I'm not against them having stuff like that, and if it's her money, she should have a say in where it goes. I agree completely though about sending the wrong message if you've said no; is there a way to compromise; tell her you'll go halves on one at christmas?

She's 11 OA, she will be 12 at the end of July.
Money burns a hole in her pocket.
I'll have a think & see what I come up with.


Sparkle she's the same age as my daughter and as I said earlier we wouldn't let M have an iPod touch. I think at their age it's often a case of wanting what their friends want rather thananything else. 
When we talked through with M the reasons why she wanted one, we were able to prove that her phone did that and more

DH bought himself an ipod touch 3 years ago to use as a diary as he was able to synchronize it with Outlook on the pc and at the time he refused to carry a mobile. Last October I needed to upgrade my phone and the more he looked at them the more he was tempted himself. The result was that he gave the girls the ipod. DD2 is 8 and she uses it to play Angry Birds. DD1 is 11 and DH has set it up to download her email so that she isn't pestering him to get onto the pc. Apart from that it doesn't get used and the only phone they have is that DD1 has an old handset of DH's on PAYG but it can only be used to phone and text.