Will the Dr's ever answer the phone Monday


I've been on hold since 8am, I hate this ring on the day system, need to get an appointment for ES

Need to put the living room back together after the weekend, get some shopping and do more washing 

Eventually they will.

Hang in there Jacqui.

I did 20 mins only to be greeted with it's now policy to ask why you need to see the Dr, no I didn't tell her, but still got him an appointment

Our Drs does same day & pre bookable appointments.
I've already taken the dog for a walk, think shes going to be so worn out when she goes home to my sister on Friday!
Dh is off today I think, so I might drag him out for lunch.


Why didn't you tell her Jacqui?

Probably because I'm not in the habit of telling a receptionist what's wrong.

I'm just  on my way out again to taxi my mum to a hospital appointment.  I also need to make a doctors appointment for the kids.  Ds has had a bad cough for a couple of weeks now, and has also passed it onto dd.

oh and the 'well I need to know' attitude, actually you don't, the only person who needs to know is the Doctor

I don't like telling the recptionist what's wrong either they are not medically trained so how do they know whether or not you need to see a GP. I know they are only trying to weed out the people who are hypercondriacts but it annoys me.

Off to Tesco in a mo need milk and can't go out tomorrow as DH has finally ordered me a new dishwasher Yay!


See I've never worried about talking to them.  Sometimes the surgery has a system which means you can see someone else, someone quicker, have tests first or whatever. 

I can't see the point of being secretive with someone who is only doing their job.

So I tell them - it's saved me time sometimes because I can see a nurse or a prescribing nurse instead - or get a referral or whatever without having to have an appointment.  I can't see thepoint of having a power play with someone who is offering a service.

Perhaps I'm the strange one?

Morning all, working today - this working from home malarky is ok, but I do miss the buzz of an office.

This evening I will be setting up a new tv for ED - she kindly let her younger sister and her friend sleep in her room (she has more space) and the next morning the tv was broken! Think it's just bad timing, but had to replace quickly cos ED is a little cross! £100 gone.... :-(

I will also be getting ED ready for tomorrow - she's been selected (after trails) to play for the Leeds United academy and we go to Elland Road tomorrow to sign her contract!! (Leeds, you are allowed to be proud by association lol!!)