End of term presents?

Has anyone voted in the poll yet on the right hand side of the page?

I'd be especially interested to hear from anyone who voted for £40 or more!!!  

I'm guessing that most of you spend under £5 and that the majority give something home made?

I remember in the 70's my mother always used to buy my Head at primary school a bottle of Youth Dew perfume every term, she was an exceptionally good teacher who gave me free extra maths tuition though!

ursh x

I voted for nothing, because P has made gifts for her class teacher, unit teacher and TA. We bought plain white plates from Wilkinsons, which cost all of 75p each, and then she decorated them with glass pens. We've been doing this for about four years now, and the glass pens are still going strong. I think I spent about £15 on them, so that seems quite reasonable. P occasionally gets them out and decorates the odd knick-knack for Grandma's birthday, etc.

They're very effective gifts, i think, although probably not quite as well received as a strategic bottle of gin!! I'll take a picture in a bit and put it up.

My dd wants to do a couple of cross-stitch sets (from the pound shop!) and give them to the teachers she has, together with some chocolate.  Hopefully she will have finished them by next week.

I used to buy bottles of wine for ds's teacher and the support staff involved with him, as he did receive extra support which was very useful for him, and I appreciated their efforts.

I haven't voted because I have more than one teacher to buy for and at varying amounts as to what I'm willing to spend on them

It's a bit complicated this year! Usually its about a fiver per staff member, which amounts to quite a lot as there's a lot of staff...

But because Alex is leaving I want to give the school something en masse- after all they have brought him from a nonverbal 4 year old with a poor prognosis to a young lad currently transitioning to mainstream, and very nicely too. So I'm currently working on an art project, made of school uniform. Yes, they will probably look at it, say erm...? and hang it in the loo, but I cannot help that! *I* think it will look OK!!! Anyway the materials alone, other than the uniform, came in at over £100.

And I haven't even thought of individual presents yet... that may well be wine as I'm going to be too busy with the art work to do anything more personal.

I've spent a tenner (well, just over) on all 3 of Olly's teachers, buying them a Yankee Candle each. He's made cards and badges too, the card for the teacher he likes least says "Goodbye Teacher I Will Only Miss You A Little Bit". God bless the nutjob. 

I am making cross stitch bookmarks for the teachers involved in Ys care. Es has far too many teachers now so won't do anything for them.

I bought terracotta plant pots which I painted with white enamel paint. The girls then got out my paper punches and cut shapes in different colours and stuck them on. A couple of layers of pva glue are then put over the top to seal it and I got minature roses for £2 in Tesco to go in them. I like the roses because they can be planted out afterwards.

I usually make a basket up of home made cakes and biscuits but i havent been impressed with Emmas teacher this year so i got a chocolate orange with thank you teacher for £1 from my local cheap shop, thats more than i really wanted to spend on her but i didnt want to look tight!

Your school uniform art project sounds fab, EB!  Will you post a picture please? 

Yeah, I would love to see it and P's plates as well. 

OA, I think Olly's message was very tactful.:))