Me and my big girl.


Me and my gorgeous eldest dd Charlotte (21)  when we went to see The Stone Roses in Manchester last Saturday.  Not entirely sure why my eyes are screwed up, it certainly wasn't because of the sun! 
We had a time day anyway.

Are your eyes perhapos screwed up because of the cider, Ursh....:P

You both look lovely, I love C's hair, its awesome. Glad you had a good time, despite the weather!

Beautiful, pity about the typical Manchester sky though

Fab picture, did you have an amazing time? My friend was there, but she's hugely pregnant and spent the day texting me to say her feet/legs/bum hurt!

Lovely piccie!

Did you enjoy the concert?

Lovely pic xx Highly jealous of all these

Gorgeous pic of you both xxxx

Yes thank you guys, it was awesomeness!:D

As for the Mancehseter sky, Jacqui, well it was fine mosf of the afternoon though we did get a few heavy downpours later on (just as they started playing actually!) but hey, what can you expect in Manchester as well you know ?   We had emergency ponchos :DAnd it added to the atmos anyway.

ursh x