Twisting Tuesday


C has his last CAMHS appt today, then I have a meeting at the respite home and I'm then hoping to catch up with a friend for coffee as she lives over that way, but so far I haven't heard a thing 

Have a lovely day everyone

I'm having a quiet panic as my girls are on their way to Thorpe Park with the school!

We are hopefully off to YS sports day.

Hope your girls have a lovely day, Sparkle - my DD did that trip last Friday!

I have my last day at work today, as my school breaks up at lunchtime.  Barely worth me going, tbh. Then to supermarket this afternoon.

I hope C gets on ok at CAMHS, Jac and your meeting goes well too ... and you get your coffee.

Try not to worry too much, Sparkle, I'm sure they will have a great time.

Brandie, I hope the day stays dry and good luck to your ds.

Enjoy your last day, Leeds.

I think it may become a tearful Tuesday for us as it is dd's Leavers Mass tonight.  

It's not exactly sports day and theme park weather but I hope everyone enjoys themselves anyway!

I been to gym and Morrisons, ED is off work poorly in bed and YD is on holiday so nice quiet afternoon for me! 

Don't forget your tissues Janey, awww!

ursh x

Slept badly so napped all morning after doing the school run. Then this afternoon have nipped to the allotment for a spot of weeding and to collect some potatoes and courgettes. Collected a prescription on the way back. Been out front for a garlic, and other than that don't seem to have done anything else today!

Oh well.

Definitely have plenty of tissues handy Janey
Didn't get my coffee, obviously going to be the story of my life this week. 

C found his CAMHS appt hard, he walked out 1/2 way through. The lady he has been seeing is going to organise a more indepth therapy for him, but as she's leaving it won't be with her and kowing our luck, won't happen.
The meeting has left me feeling very emotionally drained, I just want to crawl into a corner and curl up

Oh no JacquiL sorry it didn't go how you wanted it to.

Janey it is a mixture of felings when they leave isn't it.

Ys did really well at sports day. He won his flat race and did well and joined in.