Some good news about children's bookshops


For what it's worth I've never seen a bookshop specifically for children?  Do you have any round your way?

Very good news indeed, further down the article is a list of the best selling childrens books so far this year, and the top sellers are those which have already been made into films.  I guess that goes to show what an influence Hollywood is having on children's reading material! 

Though anything that encourages kids to read has to be a good thing.

When DD was a pre schooler, we had a fabulous children's book shop nearby.  They used to do weekly storytime sessions for Under 5s, and had  a huge rocking horse in the shop which was very popular with the children.  Sadly, it closed down - the owner told me that she couldn't compete with the likes of Amazon.

That is the only children's bookshop I have ever seen, although I recently ordered some multi cultural books online, for the library where I work.  I think the organisation had a proper shop in North London somewhere.

Looking at the list of ten most popular children's books, I hadn't realised that John Grisham had written a book aimed at children.  Has anyone, or their offspring,  read it?  I assume that it is aimed at teens, but just guessing.

I'm not aware of any childrens' bookshops around here, either.

2012's bestselling children's books so far

1) The Hunger Games Trilogy: The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

2) The Hunger Games Trilogy: Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins

3) The Hunger Games Trilogy: Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins

4) War Horse - Michael Morpurgo

5) Theodore Boone: The Abduction - John Grisham

6) Where's Wally Now? - Martin Handford

7) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth - Jeff Kinney

8) The What the Ladybird Heard Song - Julia Donaldson

9) Roald Dahl's Fantabulous Facts (World Book Day) - Roald Dahl

10) Big Day Out - Jacqueline Wilson

Of those books, we have War Horse and Big Day Out..  I'm sure dd will look out for some of the others in the library over the summer.  

DD has read 1,2,3,4 and 7.  She never got on with Where's Wally?, but may have seen the book in the list when she was younger.  The Julia Donaldson one is a bit too young for her now, sadly!  

Have you read the Jacqueline Wilson one, Janey?  Must admit, I have never heard of it.  Is it aimed at primary school or senior school children?

I guess the Roald Dahl book on the list is one of those £1 books that they bring out for World Book Day.

Yes I read it, it is the one she got for World Book Day (with the £1 voucher) and is a set of 4 short stories, based on the theme of days out.

I would say it is more primary age (KS2) as most of the main characters seem to be around age 10 or so from what I remember.

When ever we go to the Trafford Centre DD drags us into Disney shop, build a bear and finally Waterstones. She could spend hours in there (so could I)