Totally Thursday


Feeling really horrible this morning, think it's a combination of not feelig 100% and feeling sick everytime I look at C's arm which is bandaged rom shoulder to wrist due to the extent of his self harming yesterday at school

((((hugs)))) Jac.

I've not got much planned for today, except DD's parents evening after school, and the long awaited report/sats results, which were delayed from last week.

Oh I am sorry jac, must be heartbreaking for you.

The sun is shining here and the washing machine will probably have a nervous breakdoen by the end of the day but it has to be done.

off to town in a while as have to go get credit for both Es and my mobil.

DH went with my grandad to see my Nan last night and they have sadi she has very low potassium. Both my sis and I can't work that out because she has at least one banana a day.

If she has been sick, had a bout of diarrhoea or a urine inection amongst other things she could easily lose potassium very quickly

((((HUGS)))) Jac xxxxxx

Ive been to tesco, bought a new 4 slice toaster for £9 which will probably break after a week but it comes with a years warranty so im happy!  

I couldnt sleep last night because of the heat and because i fell asleep on the settee yesterday afternoon, so today i will NOT be having a sleep no matter how tired i am!  

Got a banging head so am going to take some parras and then have my lunch - beef and humous on black olive rolls, yummy, and catch up on last nights bb :-)

Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxx

((HUGS)) Jacs.

I got up with the girls, fed the cats, DH got up & I went back to bed! Didn't wake up til 10.
Still feeling perculiar.
DH is painting YD's room. I'm vegging on the sofa....


 I was supposed to be taking my mum out today but she cancelled so I went to the gym instead, it's sunny now so will take dog for nice long walk later this afternoon.

Sounds like a bargain toaster Miss P, you should be having toast for lunch!!    Hope you sleep better tonight, last night was actually pretty cool here for a change.  I didn't like it!

Hope you are feeling better soon Jacqui and that C's arm heals quickly, you too SD.   In what way do you feel perculiar?

ursh x

Went into the town to get some wadding and spray glue and accidentally found myself in the sweetie shop. Dear me, how did that happen?

So have had to adjust whole week's eating plan now so as not to go over cals. I've been yoyoing madly for about a month now and desperate to start going down again.

I had some white mice and 4 bits of coffee fudge- it was amazing! Mmmmmmm

Am listening to The Beatles now. I love the Beatles!

Parents evening tonight. Not planning on doing much this afternoon, which is just as well as am coming down from all that sugar and will probably spend it napping- well after the school run that is

Hope the parents evening went well EB!  You've given me a bit of a craving for sweeties now as well and I've been doing so well on my plan lol. 

ps I love The Beatles too.

Don't do it Ursh- I went completely off the rails yesterday food wise. Sigh. Still the scales are still showing me nice things.