Very proud of DD2

I know DD2 isn't a teenager but thought this was the best place to put this. While we were away on holiday she got her fianl uni results and texted us to lewt us know. She got a 2:1 degree DHand I are very proud of her. She's worked really hard and has grown up over the 3 years she's been at uni. Ursh do you rememeber when we were posting about them going? I know you DD didn't stay but she's done well for her self. Anyway once again I want to say a big well done to DD2 I am very proud.

Aw bless her - what did she take?

My ED has now decided not to go this year (the growing up bit scares her I think) - and is going back to college to do a btec now prior to going...  they'll be at home forever at this rate!

Congratulations to her, Jalo,   What is she planning to do next?

 I do remember well Jalo!  Gosh how the years have flown eh?

Huge congratulations and well done to your dd, fabulous news.:))  now you have a graduation outfit to sort?  !!

ursh x

Well done to your daughter Jalo

Brilliant news, well done to your DD, and congratulations to you, too; I bet you're bursting with pride.x

Thanks all. She did Drama,she is stayin up in Kingston with some of her friends. She has a temporary job at the moment working in a cafe in Ham house bur is looking for a permanent one. She would eventually like to get into acting but is looking at other drama related stuff. She is playing puck in a modern version of Midsummers Night Dream this week. It is part of the international youth festival and the cast get 40 percent of the ticket sales so her first paid Acting part. Her graduration isn't until November so I have plenty of time to choose an outfit. I took DD3 to an open day a couple of weeks ago so starting all over again.

Oh well done to your DD, Jalo!

Oh, well done to your daughter, Jalo!  That is fab news.  I do like to hear of regular posters' children doing well!!  And if you hear of any productions of Macbeth in the local area, do please let me know - I am on the look out for one, and I know that your DD's uni is (fairly) close to where I live!

Thanks Leeds. I will let you know if I hear of anything. We went to see DD2 in her priduction on Saturday. It was a great play and all the cast were really good. DD2 did the part of Puck very well it's a different sort of part for her but it suited her.

Glad it went well, and great that you could get to see it.