Wednesday 18th


Overslept so rushed shower, rushed to school and have to go back out soon as C has no lunch, need to collect his wheelchair, take stuff to hubby on the market and then meet a friend for lunch. 

Have a lovely day all

 Sounds a busy morning!

Yet another gloomy day here, totally fed up of this so-called summer.  

Got work later today, apart from that it's a bit of housework and walking the dog.  Thrilling.

ursh x

Running around like a mad thing today.

School run

Called a taxibus to take a big canvas to Al's school. followed it in the car (wouldn't fit in the car, too big), they loved it so a success methinks

Out to do chores-  Boots (for something that wasn't there), Next (ditto), Petsathome for a lint roller, the vets to book my horrors in for their yearly vaccinations(which I am late with naturally),  post office for a parcel, and the florist for a corsage- it's the boy's prom tonight. I hate shopping!

So I feel very industrious and it's only half eleven... reckon I'll go and have a nice bath soon, and then do my nails. There's a presentation before the prom properly starts that the parents get to go to, so I must make myself look a bit less hag- like given that Al will be in a tux. We get booted out after the presentation, so my mother and I are going out for dinner.

Well, i have had loads of drama so far already and I would prefer not to have any more, thank you so very much.

I posted yesterday about the mysteries of cleaning the washing machine. i ran an empty hottish (70 degs) wash as instructed on the bottle of washing machine cleaner. At one point there appeared to be steam rising from the machine, so I can only assume that its thermostat is a bit knackered. Anyway, after the cycle, everything seemed lovely, machine was much cleaner and nicer-looking.

This morning, I tried to put another load in, and discovered that I couldn't open the detergent drawer. It had obviously warped at the back, and when I tugged at it, was threatening to pull the whole front plate off. So, now I have a washing machine without a functioning detergent drawer. This isn't the end of the world - I can still use capsules or the sort of liquid that goes straight into the drum, but it is a bit of a pain. I think the poor old washing machine is, quite literally, circling the drain. It owes us absolutely nothing, its 13 years old and it has been used 4-5 times a week, so even if it does conk out, I don't begrudge getting a new one.

I am dismayed at myself getting involved in washing machine drama though - i desperately need a life!

Oh goodness, didn't realise it was Alex's prom tonight! Hope he has a wonderful time, and i bet you will both look fab!

Everyone sounds so busy!!  I have taken DD to her friend's house, need to collect her at some point, wrap up a birthday present and check train times.  That is about the sum total of my day's activities.  I am still not really very well, so I hope doing nothing all day will do me good.

Hope A enjoys his prom, EB.  Is he excited?  What happens at the parents' presentation?

Well you see all of the kids there have learning issues- social communication differences like Alex, or global difficulties, or specific syndromes, many can't talk etc etc... so the school has a system of memory boxes/record of achievement files where they put certificates and things. I think they put in examples of work from every year? But I could be wrong there. And when the young person moves on, thy get the file in a presentation. So should be good, lot of clapping, not too much talking, plenty for Mama to weep over I should think in the weeks to come!!! I shall be wearing the waterproof mascara...

Even the school leavers who are moving on to the FE provision in the same building get to have their files and come to the 'leavers ball', because they are leaving school. (the FE provision and structure is quite different anyway)

anyway thats what I THINK will happen... I'll tell you if it doesn't!

It does sound like you will need a hankie!

At DD'sschool, they have a sixth form ball, and the parents are expected to go.  Not sure (for parents and girls) whether it is just upper sixth, or lower too.

Another miserable day here and we have a met office amber alert for flooding.
We are just pottering around today. I am back to work tomorrow (I was last in on June 28th) so I expect there will be a mountain of work waiting for me.

Hope Alex has a lovely time tonight and you don't cry too much EB.
Need to go out and collect my DD soon, she is at science club at school, may have to take both C&W with me, have warned them already but it didn't go down well

Hope Alex has a great time and you don't need too many hankies.

I need to go to Belfast again but it's pouring down and as we've also a warning for flooding I don't want to go out incase I get stuck!