Texting more popular than face-to-face converstaion.



Sending text messages is now the most popular way for British adults to communicate with one other on a daily basis, according to a new survey.

Talking on a mobile phone became less common last year after a long period of growing popularity, but the use of text messages has continued to increase.

The average British adult now sends 200 texts a month, Ofcom's Communications Market Report found, more than double the figure of four years ago.

More than half (58 per cent) of adults now say they use text messages at least once a day to communicate with family and friends, while only 49 per cent meet people face-to face on such a regular basis.

Forty-seven per cent speak to close ones on a mobile phone every day, and 33 per cent communicate daily via social networking.

Despite the figures, British adults say that they would prefer to meet (67pc) or speak on the phone (10pc) than communicate with people by text (5pc).

Guilty!  I tend to organise most of my life via a text message.  Just looking thorough my sent messages for the last few days and there is around 10-15 day. 

Sometimes it would actually be quicker to phone the person and tell them what I want tot tell them as well!   I wonder if it's because texts are essentially free for most people?

200 texts a month?  I don't think I have sent 200 texts in my life, tbh.  DD, on the other hand, ...........

I do the texting thing more now, so I have something to read back to myself as I forget....lol
DH texts me during the day occasionally but not so much as otherwise we'd have naff all to talk about when he got home. I keep track of where the girls are via text if they go out with friends, as a call from "mother"as OD has me in her phone... is soooo embarressing. They both know if I rung, it's urgent or I am cross as well.

My land line is free after 7pm, which when I tend to ring my Mum, although she has become very good at texting but if we get on the phone it can be a good hour about not alot!


It's a generational thing, I think. My generation communicates entirely via text and social media; my parents can text if required, but would rather pick up the phone and have a chat. Personally I think it's a shame, mind in saying that whenever I'm on the phone the idiot children behave like wild animals, knowing full-well I can't control them while I'm chatting to Grandma. 

Also, my average texts each month amount 800. 

I hate texting, esp if it's more than a couple of lines 

I never use my landline, and would text quicker than phone someone.  Es' phone never stops bleeping I think he'd die if he couldn't text or use Facebook etc.

You're the same age as me, Jacqui!!

I don't actually like speaking on the phone very much, and I don't text.  I would prefer to communicate by email if possible.

There are certain people I communicate with solely by text other than when I see them face to face. At the moment I am working fixed days because I need childcare arranged in advance because the schools are on holiday but in term time I rarely leave work one week knowing when I will be working the next week. My boss and I sort it out by text because it is less intrusive than phoning.

Yes I guess it is, if you phone someone they are having to respond immediately but by text if you are packing shopping..wiping bottoms, whatever, you can choose when to read and reply.

Having said that, I do get a bit twitchy sometimes if I don't have a reply to my texts within 15 minutes or so and keep checking my phone to see!  Lol.

800 is an lot of texts OA, you obviously have an awful lot to say !

ursh x

I text, email or fb msg as much as i can, i dont like talking on the phone, even with family!!! 

Same here Miss P, I've never really been one for nattering on the phone for hours.   I never get anywhere close to using my inclusive minutes on my contract lol.