Monday 23rd


C is off to respite, M, W and I are off to meet friends at the park after we drop him off and the I'm determined to get the bloomin curtain pole sorted

I have the dishwasher man coming. Alex did not go off to the theme park with holiday club today, as we were not able to locate a wheelchair to borrow. He took it very well I must say. In return, I am turning a blind eye to the fact he's played on the wii all day without a pause- well except to do a few chores, can't have the dishwasher man coming to a filthy kitchen! (guess what I've been doing today...)

Hoping to get outside to do some gardening today, but we will see how it goes.

 Well it's another grey day here, and windy but warm too - odd!

Been to gym for a couple of hours this morning, glad I did too as I felt really energised afterwards.

Just been pottering about doing a few jobs and am off to work soon.

Hope you are all enjoying the park Jacqui and is your dishwasher broken or are you getting a new one EB?

ursh x

Far too warm here today!

Gave tilly a shower this morning to get rid of some fleas, electricity went off half way through so had to finish her off in the garden with the hosepipe!  

Emma and I took Tilly for a long walk to a big park with a lake, ducks, etc, Tilly went for a swim.  So when we came home she had another shower in the garden with the hosepipe!  

Kept her nice and cool anyway!

Emma and I have just made popcorn.  Simons de-weeding my dads back garden and Abbie is at her friends, have had a lovely start to the summer holidays.  

Dreading the next few days tho.  Tomorrow i have an interview for my incapacity benefit or whatever its called now and i feel sick thinking about it.  

Then on weds Emma is in hospital having her grommets op again, but this time shes having her adenoids our too, so she will have to stay in overnight :'(

Just want it to be Thursday and its all over and done with.


Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxxxxx

It's my kitchen that's wrong Ursh... or rather, the plumbing in my kitchen (which is an awkward shape and altogether a bit odd) Apparently I may not be able to do anything about it. :( I may still be removing said dishwasher, trying to sell it and replacing the space with a cupboard... I has a sad :(

Oh well.

I have been gardening though, and have broad beans (the last), garlic and mangetout to plough my way through, plus spuds and courgettes picked the other day- tonight's dinner courgette tomato and cheese bake, new potatoes and broadies. Yumyum.

How do you make courgette, tomato and cheese bake, EB?  It sounds yummy. And easy!

Well this is the healthier version, as the one I used to make involves considerably more oil! Mmmmm. Serves 2 increase as necessary. We have this as the main component of a meal, with sides, so it would probably serve 4 as a side?

Put 2tsp chili oil into a pan and cook off some courgettes- probably about two normal sized ones? Dunno, mine never are! You can make this courgette and aubergine mixed, that's nice, or pepper, of you can add onion. Once nearly cooked throw in lots of garlic, or garlic puree, or whatever, cook a bit more, then put it in the bottom of a dish. Then I use the same pan and reduce a tin of chopped tomatoes right down so it's quite gloopy, you want it nice and rich, and spoon that on the top of the courgettes, then on top of all grated cheddar and in the oven to bubble.

The unhealthy version involves much more oil, normal oil, the pan at the courgette stage (I make double or triple quantities, so not THAT much!), then once that is done more oil and a proper spicy tomato sauce made with lots of fresh tomato, red onion and chili and so on, the tomato sauce is chili-ish not the courgettes. But... *sigh*... one must diet.

I find the can of tomatoes version isn't quite tomatoey enough but it isn't worth opening a second can as that would be far too much, but if I was making double or triple I'd probably add an extra can. Oh, and we use a lot of garlic, but we don't really care about being objectionable the next day lol.

Want to try this too, it looks amazing...

Been nice and sunny here today, I worked from 7.30 to 4,30 so couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked too,

I will read that, EB, when I have had less to drink and can take it in properly!!  From a first read, I think I could do it.  I have never heard of chili oil, but I presume Waitrose/Tesco have .........

OH always gets suspicious when I cook something from scratch,  I do love courgettes though, and never really know what to do with them.