Tuesday Tunes


It's M's birthday party today with her friends - her birthday isn't until next week.
Her riends are meeting for an afternoon snack, cinema and then food, think I need to rob a bank

DD2 came through to our room earlier and announced she had wet her bed. Just what I needed this morning. DH has put out an open invite to a get-together here this afternoon so we need to have downstairs tidied. That was manageable until someone told him on Sunday that she is hoping to come which means I am now looking after a 3 year old.
DD1 got herself some cereal earlier and found the milk was off so I am about to send her to Tesco for more.

Fracture clinic this morning, but as the boy is walking  with no issues and indeed even bouncing on said broken toe, he's been discharged. I swear the child is made of Teflon.

This afternoon we're taking two of the cats to the vet for their yearly vaccinations, and after that we might go to the allotment, or rather, we have to go to the allotment to water anyway, but I might do a few more things too. Possibly not till this evening though, it's a scorcher today. Phew!

Trying to get lots of washing done today, seeing as its so warm.

Washing and scrubbing the house.  OH's car needs left in for some work then mot which means I've to follow him and take him home. I hate that drive plus I hate driving with the OH as he complains all the time so I'm dreading it.

Ys has been in meltdown mode non stop so I'm ready for the hills.

The 3 year old didn't come this afternoon but I have made it clear to DH that having spent the last 12 years unable to be fully involved in things I would like to be I am not prepared to be a babysitting service for a friend who has taken on more commitments since becoming a mum. They have no family in Scotland so I don't mind helping out if she and her DH are going out but I am not happy doing it because she has got involved in yet another committee at church etc.
We are getting a new hall and stair carpet.tomorrow so I have spent tonight clearing the whole area. The.downstairs hall and top landing are both like extra rooms.so we.have had to move furniture. The fitter came round yesterday to check the measurements and left in a state of shock because it is such a big area.