Tuesday 31st


Afternoon all, I've been rescuing crocs thrown on roofs and tickling a little monster, but I got told off because Thursday is tickle day

Silly Mummy, fancy not knowing that!!!!


I've been into town, then I'm to the allotment.

I've been sorting Dh out as he has noe left for his bother's house. They are both off to his Great aunt's funeral tomorrow.

Don't get much PC time in the hols and I have become addicted to the olympics.

We are sunning ourselves on the beach. The girls are off to stay at my dad's tomorrow so I need to think ahead to what they need for 3 nights there. I think we have persuaded DH that he isn't coming with me to drop them off so we will have a shopping trip on the way to hopefully get the school shoes..

And the chat thread is still here hooray, I thought I might have been away so long it may have disappeared x

Good luck with the shoe shopping. I think i made Dh go a bit greyer when i mentioned we will have to take YS shoe shopping!

 Dawn the chat thread will always be here!  (Even if it's just Jacqui talking to herself lol..):D

Christiesgal wrote:
 Dawn the chat thread will always be here!  (Even if it's just Jacqui talking to herself lol..):D


I'm trying not to think about shoe-shopping. P needs new school shoes, new trainers and probably new athletic spikes for next term. She will need new basketball boots as well (please dont ask me why she can't wear her normal trainers for basketball). Fortunately, we already bought her new rugby boots.

My mum bought me a new pair of shoes on Monday because she said that my existing shoes were too disgusting to wear in public. Admittedly, they did have some holes in the uppers (and I could stick my little toe out of one of the holes and wiggle it about!), but they were perfectly serviceable...oh well, i got a new pair of shoes out of it.

P is at rugby camp again today. I think she has grown another inch this week and her legs have definitely got longer. I'm very glad that i haven't yet bought her school trousers.