lost children


anyone watching this

the girl they are featuring reminds me so much of one of the foster kids i had for 2 years, she even looks like her. after 2 years of extremely challenging behaviour she turned violent and too dangerous to stay here especially as i had a little one in place. when she moved on i couldnt believe how the whole household felt so calm

its brining back memories

I didn't see it but have read about the boy on next weeks show who was moved between 20 foster homes by the time he was six years old after he was taken as a three year old. How does that happen?

i'll watch that one with interest. my youngster had moved around a few times when he came to me, mainly because mum was struggling and placed him voluntarily a couple of times then moved between family members, finally his last foster placement broke down because of difficulties with another foster child in the home that was impacting on him and so they had to move him to save any more damage being done.
he was just 3 when he came to me and i can see the damage these moves have had and if they move him again i can envisage that he wouldnt attach and could be so difficult new carers would pass him on veryquickly (which i expect is the case with the boy in next weeks program)
Im determined not to let it happen to him and will fight tooth and nail to make sure he stays here now but doesnt look like i will need to as for once SS are beginning to see sense and can see that his interests are best served if he remains here

 I didn't see it, what channel was it on?

As for a six year old having 20 foster homes in 3 years, well that's a disgrace,:angry:

Summer, does this mean you might be able to adopt him and make it official? That would be uterly wonderful, for the both of you.

ive thought about it but hes pretty damaged and will probably need ongoing theraputic support and once you adopt that isnt as forthcoming as it should be

but the very excellent news is that the powers that be are starting to realise that adoption for him isgoing to be extremely difficult to achieve given his age and difficulties, they also realise that another placement move would be damaging so they are in the process of deciding if making his placement here is in his best interests which we know is the case. so it would mean that although he is still a looked after child he will get the best of both worlds, he can stay here and we will all get the help and support we need to make repair the damage thats already been done

Ahh that's wonderful news, have they got the powers to make it a permanent residency so that there's no threat of him ever having to move on? It's a shame they can't offer so much support to adopted children, but it must be such a relief knowing he won't be passed from pillar to post like some children seem to be. 

it certainly is

as for making it permenant im not sure what will happen. as it stands a child permenancy plan has to be approved by the permenancy panel who are a group of indiviuals from all walks of life who are independant of the LA. (his plan is for adoption) any changes to the plan again have to go through the permenancy pannel for approval and again once a family is found the permenancy panel ratify the decision to make sure they feel its a good match.

as of september the 1st things will change (not sure if this is at national or local level) and the permenancy panel no longer agree to changes of plan and this is done at LA level so his SW's can decide to change his plan and they are already talking about that being in his best interests. what im not sure about is what happens to a permenant match and if that is again at LA level or if the permenancy panel agree this. if they do it makes it more official i suppose but tbh once that decision is made i cant see that they would want to change it as they know it would mean they would be left with a very difficult to place damaged young boy