Compensation for egg and sperm donors

Should egg and sperm donors be compensated for their time and inconvenience?
In early 2011 the HFEA asked the public for their thoughts on compensating egg and sperm donors. Attend our next Open Authority meeting where we will be considering the final part of our public consultation, ‘Donating sperm and eggs: have your say’. We will be making a decision on the level and type of compensation available to donors. 

When: Wednesday, 19 October
Where: Central London

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I read a story recently about a guy who had 'fathered' over 70 kids, I think he was American.  I'm not sure about the entire shebang really........  he did it for money going through University.  So, no, I don't think people should be paid, I think they should do it for altruistic reasons and then perhaps they'd do less of it!

Don't sperm donors already get paid to donate, but egg donors only get their expenses covered? Personally it should be the other way around. To donate eggs is a lengthy and sometimes painful process, yet all you get is the cost of your travel reimbursed

I don't think they should be paid. It seems an odd situation, and if I was to donate I'd do so altruistically.

I don't think they should be paid. If you want to donate it 's because you want to help not because you are only doing it for money. it's the same for donating blood, I couldn't believe it when I found out that they get paid in USA for donating blood.

DL pre testing for AIDS the US had the highest number of HIV sufferers who caught it from donated blood

To donate an egg you have to have quite a few tests, have injections to stimulate your ovaries and undergo a procedure that can be very painful to extract the eggs. Women who donate at present do so because they want to help a childless couple

Why shouldnt they get paid? they are going out of theyre way to do something good,imagine craving a child and cant have one,someone comes along who has it and can give you it on a plate,perhaps if people were paid,more people would be able to have mroe children,making it a good thing.

I dont think it would hurt to pay the women, what they go through compared to mens minute of enjoyment?  I thought about it when I was younger but now I couldnt do it, as heroic as I think it is id wonder if I had a baby /child out there somewhere, making me the wrong type of donor, I take my hat off to anyone that does it though..

I couldn't do it either, HGT, as you say it takes a certain type of person and I'd forever be looking at little children thinking "she has my eyes, he looks like Olly" and wondering. Kudos to anyone who does, though, because it's an incredibly selfless act, to help a childless couple potentially have a child of their own. 

I was going to be an egg donor, but after we were told C's condition could be genetic I pulled out