Monday Moan (on a little one)


I'm tired, been awake since 4.30am and just can't get back to sleep. 
Think I might go get a couple of things from Tesco's. Have to collect C later, do some washing and tidying.

Have a good Monday everyone

Argh no hope you aren't too tired later, Jacs. How is C doing this week?

DH already off to work in London so the boys and I are sitting in our pj's and watching more Olympic coverage from last night; it was such an amazing weekend for Team GB, I want Olly at least to remember it. 

Of to our local water park later with some friends, on the basis that it should be dry and warm-ish; Olly's come downstairs in some of George's tiny swim pants and announced that's what he's wearing, I forsee a big dirty bout of hypothermia if he does!

DH is in Olympic park making his way to the stadium. I know this because he rang me a while ago. Woke me up but never mind,

Not sure what me and the boys will do today but it will involve watching more  Olympics. It's compulsive viewiing here.

We're off on holiday but atm the thought of sitting on a plane for 4 hours with us fills me with dread, there's no way in hell he'll not have a meltdown having to sit that long.

Morning :)
 Hope you're not to tired Jac x
Have fun Oa x
I've never watched so much of the Olympics Brandie - we're all hooked here as well! x
Have a lovely time Hopeful and I hope the plane ride goes better than you think x
Well, no idea what to do here today. The oh is at work and it looks like it's going to piddle down! Ah well, i'll have another cuppa for the minute :) x

morning all, slept better last night than i have for ages, about 5 hours :) but know how you feel when you lie there awake and know thats it for the night.
which water park you going to OA?
hope the flight is better than you hoped hopeful and enjoy your hols :)

Im off to take the boy to nursery in a min then back home to tidy the house and wait nervously to hear about a possible placement. its not often i say it but im kind of hoping this one doesnt happen but will find out either way today :/

I hope you can have a rest before collecting C, Jac.

Have fun, OA and family.

Have a lovely holiday, Hopeful, I hope the travelling isn't too stressful.

Like Brandie and Roosmum, I'll probably be watching more Olympics today, although I do have to go to the shops soon as my mum wants a lift  and then we may go out for something to eat also, that is if I can tear the kids away from computers ,....

Summertime, glad you slept better, and I hope you get the news you want to hear.

C has had a bad time at respite, there is a new lad who has made his life hell, staff have had to keep C protected, one even threw herself over C this morning to protect him. - The lads respite is being changed so that he cannot cause C any more problems. Cis shattered and looks really ill, he has hardly slept as this lad deliberately kept him awake

Not watching any olympics today, as i know the TV will be on as soon as P and DH come home! P is at another holiday camp this week, this one involving mucking around on a farm! Bet she comes home filthy.

Poor C, Jacs, will he be able to catch up on his sleep at home or does he not sleep too well? 

Summer, we went to Bosworth today, boys absolutely loved it there and it was practically empty as it wasn't blazing hot. Olly watched the kids having sailing lessons and went over to talk to the instructor at the end, now he's obsessed with the idea of becoming a sailor so I've said perhaps he can have an induction and see if he likes it. Phoebe chased ducks, skipped about and sat in the water, house stinks of wet children and dirty dog now, off to hunt out a plug-in to mask it before MIL visits. 

OA I thought you'd have poured yourself some gin and let the fumes overcome MiLso she couldn't smell the dog or the boys

As for C melatonin later methinks and keep the others quiet