Wonderful Wednesday


Morning :)
Ok so we haven't got any sunshine but it's not raining either lol. We are off to the sure start centre today as they have a farm going there. Taking a picnic and a group of us from Roos old preschool are going :) 
Have a lovely day x x x

Good morning,  I'm now very much back from holiday, and it's sunny here in Norfolk - which is more than it was in Cornwall last week...

I started my new job yesterday, it's not quite what I was expecting, but I think I'm going to love it.  Have a great day on the farm Roos.

Morning all x

Everyone here is a bit achy. I've cancelled our trip to Howletts, thanfully they refunded our tickets yesterday.
I am taking the courtesy car out later on when I feel a bit braver,(I bl**dy well will lol) getting back on the horse so to speak.

YD is going for a sleep over at a friends. And apart from going to the library to get some more parking permits I'm not going to do a lot. :)


Take it easy Sparkle, but well done on being determined to get back in the car.

Wonderful, err nope, C isn't happy there is no holiday club, I won't take him to the video shop, Ace Comics or any of the shops he's mentioned so far today, nor will I unblock the parental controls on netflix, going to be a fun day. 
Thankfully I have a quiz to look forward to tonight

Well done on getting back in the car, Sparkle. Just take it easy out there.

i am having a quiet day today, got  some washing to do and dinner to get ready for tonight. Then, at 6pm, I am sharing my deathless opinions on the radio again, so if anyone wants to listen in, you can do so online;


Will try and listen in 

Still desperately trying to get the girls' room tidied round everything else that is happening this week. Having said I wasn't having anything to do with the church holiday club this week I have ended up losing my whole week to it. I really am feeling pretty peed off by the whole thing. Having said that, something that happened this morning put things in perspective a bit.
At the weekend one of my FB friends posted that his mum, who has been in hospital for a couple of months, was due to get out yesterday and that an op one of his children has been waiting for had been booked for today so they were looking at a challenging week. This morning I heard that his brother was killed in an accident on Monday.