Tidy Thursday


Says it all - I really need to tidy up, the washing has been dumped on the settee and needs sorting, there are toys everywhere on top of which C has trashed the boys room.
Before I do any o that I need to take M to the Dr's regarding her hand

We are off to buy Ys school uniform and get shoes and trainers today so wish me luck. I dare say Ys will meltdown at least once along with DH amd ES and myself. We got ES trousers and jacket form the school yesterday.

I've got to pick YD up from my friends. DH is out with K for the morning.
I don't feel like doing much else today.


WE did ok. We got school sjoes for Ys, Trainers for both Ys and Es and Ys school tops. They didn#t have his jumpers or trousers so will do those on line.