Are you doing any school work?


During these holidays..

I have to confess mine aren't doing any, but two of the three haven't started new courses yet, and the they are all working to earn money.

But for those of you with younger ones I saw the 'brain drain' article featured on the home page this morning and wondered if you worried about it - or put any time into keeping educational work ticking along during the summer?

Sort of ! We're not doing formal work, but P is writing my shopping lists for me, converting recipes, writing a journal, and READING! I think her brain is getting plenty of exercise for now, so I'm not doing any additional work. I might jsut get the old worksheets out in the very last few days of the hols to get her back into the rhythm of school work again.

I bought some work books for Ys today out of Aldi and Es will be doing some extra maths form next week. I decided not to push Es too much in the begining as the last hols he was ill.

Have you had a look at the free worksheets on the site Brandie? 

Mine have been reading non-stop and have been helping with cooking and baking so have been doing maths that way. They go back to school a week today.

My DD doesn't start school until Sept but I have got her a workbook for 3-5 yr olds which she is working through and loving it. For my niece, who is 6 I got her workbooks from Wilkinson for maths, English & spelling because she started doing DD's workbook when she was round. She loved the books but don't know if she has done any.

I think for most young children if they get out of the habit of doing school work it must be hard to get back into it in Sept.

Roo starts school in sept as well, we have been doing phonics but as its a fishing game he doesn't mind at all. Apart from that we have just been doing the usual colours and numbers as we play, walk anywhere etc x

ED has just sat her G.C.S.E's so will be starting new courses in September - she reads non-stop anyway (and has quite enjoyed having the time to do so after her exams), she's had her first job this summer (at a holiday playscheme) so has learnt a lot through that.  She also used her language skills on holiday in Spain at the beginning of the summer.
MD as above spoke a lot of Spanish on holiday (a chatterbox whatever language, i suppose!), and has read more than usual, but other than that has done nothing.  For my own peace of mind I want to go over some maths with her before she goes back to school, and DH will go through a bit of science before term starts too - just to motivate her again before she goes back.
DS loves maths at the moment, so we've played on it and he's been using his skills wherever possible (olympics helped there!), working on giving change etc.  I've kept his regular reading aloud going and we've gone to the library a few times.  He's going on a science for kids course for 2 days next week which he's really looking forward to aswell.

I got ES a set of Horrible Science books for his Birthday, and he is reading through those.  Good enough.

I am encouraging YS to keep writing - we did a diary of our holiday, for exmple.  He is reading Horrid Henry books, so getting reading practice. 

Not pushing anything more academic - both were shattered at the end of last term so we are still enjoying the rest.  Might do something the last week.

We're reading Horrid Henry books with Olly, he loves them so its not a battle (sounds daft, but if I tell him what to read, it worries me that he'll start resenting it, so it's easier to let him choose and sort of guide him in the right direction). 

Olly writes a journal every night before bed, and we play games like monopoly and money snap to keep him adding and working out maths. He loves reading information books; today on the way to Conkers he sat in the back of my car reading his atlas and by the time we arrived could list me five capital cities in Europe; for him learning needs to be on his terms, especially during the summer, so I go with whatever he feels like doing. 

MIne have both been doing lots of reading and played Monkey Math on the Ipod loads of times (through choice)!

Infact Tuesday Ash and I went to Waterstones and spent £36 in there on books for them both.

Char, have you tried Olly with Beast Quest? Sam absolutely loves them :) x