are your children watching the Olympics?


I have to say OH is fairly excitable of an evening, I'm fairly indifferent - and the kids don't seem to know it's on, apart from YD who knew someone who was in the opening ceremony, but she wasn't bothered enough to watch it.  Are yours 'inspired' and interested?  Or indifferent?

We all watched the opening ceremony and Andy Murray's singles final but I don't think they have watched any of it apart from that.

Olly loves it, he's not so interested in certain events but the majority he's watched in absolute awe. In fact, two nights ago I heard some clattering about upstairs, poked my head around his door and he was using his harry potter broomstick as a javelin, George was next to him using the wand as a baby javelin. We let him stay up for some of the opening ceremony and I daresay he'll want to watch it end, too. 

From a personal pov I think he's probably into it because we are, and the fact that he takes part in judo, swimming, horse riding and cycling makes him much more interested than a child who isn't oudoors-y. He's already drawn a picture of himslef winning golds at 2024 for cycling and judo; if he has dreams like those, I'm going to encourage him at every opportunity!

Both of the boys love it! Roos fav was the tennis and the rowing. Finn loves the boxing! I love that they want to watch it. I'm gutted becase Steve got tickets for his 30th birthday from his mother but seeing as we don't speak to them anymore we didn't get too go, the boys would have loved it! x

I'm watching it - so the TV is on but the kids aren't very interested.  They saw the opening ceremony,  but haven't really watched the events.  I though dd would be interested in the show jumping and dressage, but she only watched a few minutes of them before going off to do something else.

Ds did see the end of the tennis final with Andy Murray and enjoys seeing Britain win Gold (he stands for the National Anthem!).

I missed most of the triathlon, which I did want to see.  One of my nephews was at uni and friends with Jonny Brownlee, so I was really pleased at the result for him (although shame about the time penalty).

Mine are only interested if Team GB or Ireland are involved, W jumps up and down shouting at the TV. They only watch in the evening as they are outside all day

Mine have been quite into it - mainly coz we are and so are our parents.  We watched the opening ceremony as a family, and will do the same this evening with the closing ceremony.  DH has watched almost every evening, with DS on his lap until bedtime.  My parents love the tennis, so myself and the girls were hooked on those (big excitement in this house after Murray's win).  DS made a chart for GBs gold medals and first thing he does every morning is mark off anymore golds (thats going in his baby box tomorrow) - he is very sporty and loves anything to do with it (follows his dad!)

the boy has loved it and been watching loads although he doesnt know what hes watching most of the time as hes only just 4
this afternoon he was playing with one of his playmobile cyclists and told me his name was liam philipps, I had to google it to find out he is one of the team gb bmx riders

We have just told DD1 that she isn't watching the closing ceremony. She starts high school on Wednesday so we need to get her back into a sensible bedtime routine. She can watch it on iplayer at some point.

I'm still up watching it with DH, ED and MD.  I put YD to bed at her usual time, DS had a tantrum about going to bed an hour ago (he was so overtired though, I've recorded the rest for him to watch later).  MD is half-watching (interested in the acts she likes and thats it - a lot of interest in One Direction and just got excited at The Spice Girls), but is really using it as an excuse to stay up later.  ED's enjoying it with us though :)  Not sure how much longer I'm going to stay up for though,

Well we watched absolutely loads so by default so did YD (17) who is officiallly the Least Sporty Girl On The Planet but she surprised us (and herself !) by really enjoying the athletics, the swimming, the rowing and the track cycling.  In fact she thought the track cycling was amazing and said she had thought it would be boring but it was "actuallly really dangerous and exciting"  lol.  

ED didn't watch a thing apart from Ray Davies singing Waterloo Sunset last night, and that's only cos she likes him!

I think it's wonderful that Olly is aspring to be an olympic champion!

ursh x