Super Saturday


Promised I'd set up camp again today for the brats, they really enjoyed themselves yesterday.
Hubby only has one pupil late this afternoon so he's having a lazy morning

Nothing much doing here either. It's very quiet now YD has gone to her Dads for the week. I've got to venture out for some shopping.

| have two at work (and OH) - and one home poorly........ but not so poorly she isn't keen to go out to see some horses today.  We may have found someone who wants a sharer, we met with them last night and YD is desperate to get up there today, but can't get hold of them at the moment.

OH is home shortly - and I'm planning on him bar-b-qing for dinner.  Haven't told him yet though.

Personally I'm up for a bit of gardening, and some paperwork today.  Life is one big party here.

We've been out on a guided walk round a fairly local area that I'd not been to before.  We were the only people that turned up, this morning lol and she said she was doing another (different local area) this afternoon, if we wanted more.  

We went shopping for a drink and some lunch and then went to the meeting place, and again we were the only ones!

Had a very pleasant walk and chat for an hour or so then back to the car and then we had to stop at a fair on the way home.

That sounds good Janey!

We spent yesterday at the beach as the weathers due to change this week (it has already!) - just me DH, DS & YD.  ED spend the day sunbathing in the park with a few friends, and MD spent the day at her friends and stayed over.