Morning :)
I don't want to complain about this heat but it's far too hot for me :( Shall be getting the paddling pool out and letting the boys soak in that :)
Slowly but surely Roos spots are going :)
Have a lovely day x

Its been far too hot for me since May!!!!!  

Need to get a couple of birthday pressies for 7 year old boys, so will pop to home bargains, love that shop!  

Think my mum and dad are popping round at lunchtime, but thats about it for us here today!  

Hope everyone has a lightly more exciting day than me!!


i looooove the sunshine, wish we could have this all summer like we are supposed to, its my favourite time of year as you can probably gather from my name lol

was up at the crack of dawn to do the dawn walk for a local hospice St davids which is about 9 mile.

got a lift to it with a friend and walked with her and her friend. We left at 4.30 and after picking up a bacon bap, water, a banana and a mars bar got back to the finish for 8.10 then after getting my medal walked home

now it's raining so not doing much but may pop to conwy to see a band that was formed by my friends eldest lad play late teatime achinbg feet depending

The heat is causing real problems here, C has been fitting and not eating, I do not want a visit to hospital with him as they can't cope with him being there and expect one of us to be with him all the time so thay don't actually have to do anything other than dispense meds and change the odd IV.

Not doing anything today apart from cooking

Well done, Sandra.  Hope you managed to raise lots of money for the hospice, and enjoyed yourself too.

Also hope C improves soon.

I will probably do nothing at all today, just for a change!  OH off to the States this afternoon.

Hope C improves soon JacquiL.  

Its very grey here. Took the kids to a theme park yesterday, fab day but we're all still exhausted today - perhaps a food shop on the way home wasn't my best idea, but at least we have food here today.  Everyones still in their pjs just lounging round - MDs drawing, EDs reading, YD has her dolls out and DS is playing on the wii with DH.

No plans for the rest of the day.  Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

congratulations on the disappearing spots Roos....

well done Sandra!  What an awesome way to start the day - did you manage to raise much money?

Leeds I read that you were off to the States - I got all excited for you briefly there.

Jacqui I hope C improves too - the weather is cooler tomorrow apparently.

We walked the dogs for an hour which was lovely, went into Norwich to the pictures to see The Bourne Legacy which wasn't, and then went to Wetherspoons for lunch (which was our first ever visit) - a wander along the river, and dessert at an italian cafe with coffee ...... it was all very civilised apart from the film being totally rubbish.

YD now has an electric scooter - borrowed from her great nan, so is mobile again even though she is non weight bearing......... she took herself off with her boyfriend to 'walk' their dog, then disappeared down the village pub for lunch with him, they haven't been seen since.  Apparently the electric scooter can hold both of them, or he can cycle alongside holding the seat and doesn't have to pedal.  Sometimes there's a lot to be said for living in the country!

Spent 3 hours in A&E with W, a cut that wouldn't stop bleeding no matter what I did

Wet day here. I sent the girls home from church with DH, and I stayed on to sort out the Girls' Brigade cupboards. I came home to find my mum doing the ironing I had abandoned last night due to the sore legs so the girls will have school uniform to wear tomorrow after all.

Corris and Leeds it was fun doing. I managed to walk with the friend who gave me a lift to it and her friend this time and took a few photos.

didn't raise a large sum. have done about £25 as I had done the race for life at the beginning of June so it makes it hard asking for money and DS had done a walk inbetween for youth club