Vomiting dishwasher?


OK, can I have some suggestions - My dishwasher, at least once a day, sort of throws gritty chunks onto my dishes - it especially does it to the top shelf, and it also does it into the cups.

I can run it twice and it still happens.

And I am tired of taking them all out and having to hand wash it all.

Am I doing something wrong? 

Have you done an empty run with a dishwasher cleaner? Finish does one but I use Lidl's W5 one.

Have you been feeding it too much wine, lol?

Mine is on its last legs.  Probably need a new one before the month is out. It's not vomiting though. Yet!!

I do elaine yes,  and I do empty runs - and nothing seems to stop it suddenly and without warning depositing this baked on hard nobbly bits.

Sounds like you have a semi blocked waste pipe 

Do you rinse plates before you put them in? If I put anything wish mashed potato into the dishwasher without rinsing it first, it does exactly the same. But only ever with mash. So now I insist on rinsing stuff, and it's helped. DH says it defeats the point but he knows nothing. 

I rinse - I am beginning to think the culprit is coffee grounds.  Despite being rinsed prior to washing every day I think the 'bodum' push the netty round thing down to make coffee big cup thing is causing my dish washing machine to throw up.