snake bake


well after months of pestering DD3 eventually persuaded me to allow her to have a snake. so yesterday she purchased a rather gorgeous corn snake

the only mistake she made was to ask the boy for a name suggestion so now hes called "snake bake I am a snake" which is a bit of a mouthful but now he seems to be stuck with it lol

Congratulations on giving snake bake a home!

It is quite an unusual name, but will s/he be called "snakey" or something for short?  

we tend to miss off the "i am a snake" bit and just call her snake bake lol

i see she but we're not 100% sure yet so taking it to the local pet shop soon to have it "probed", shes hoping its a girl cus her boyfriend has a male and i think they hope to breed them

Whilst I have a major problem in finding anything 'gorgeous' about a snake, I do hope 'snake bake' has a long and happy life with you.   The name is just fab!

ursh x