Finding a wedding dress


Is much harder than you'd think!

How did you all find yours? 

My problem is that I'm so fat I don't like anything that fits - what I like just looks like sacks - and then I get miserable and stop shopping (and go and eat cakes)....

With about 8 weeks to go I really do need something to wear - so far I have a nice bra I bought for £3.00 in the sale.......... but they probably won't perform the ceremony if I don't find something else to go with it.

I had mine made for me by a friend as all the dresses I liked were too expensive and those I could afford were, for me, horrible

When I was looking for a dress, I had an idea of what I wanted ...(no big train, long (or 3/4 sleeves)  which wasn't available in the wedding shops.  Any I quite liked were thousands of pouunds which I wasn't prepared to pay (or let my parents pay!)

I found my dress in the Wedding section in Debenhams.  ... it didn't have long sleeves but I did like the rest of it (and the wedding day did happen to be warm, lol.)

What do you want, Corris?.  I'm guessing not a traditional big dress ....

I think they are both too weddingy Jane really - think more 'mother of the bride',....

I went to one wedding shop, a teeny place in Henley and just looked through. I found a Jenny Packham dress (think slinky-negligee-type) which was beautiful, but vile on me, so the lady in the shop suggested something completely different which made my mum, mil and best friend all cry so I went for it. 

Why not use the ladies in stores; they really are very good at getting you to try stuff on they know will look lovely, and it's a free service so if you don't like it they won't be offended if you don't buy anything. John Lewis do a lot of bridal stuff and the women there are fab at suggesting outfits (it was where I dragged my Mum before our wedding, kicking and screaming, as she wanted to wear a peacock-blue minidress she'd picked up at a car boot, they got her to try on a wedgwood-blue dress suit and she looked marvypants). 

I'd hurry though, because alterations and whatnot might take a week or two. Good luck.x

|I'd like to hit marvypants OA - I'm just feeling a bit in my boots about it to be honest.  I detest shopping now I'm as fat as butter.

I think you might need a bit more than just a bra, unless you're going to get hitched at one of those fancy nudie places.

Have you looked in Monsoon? They do nice dresses that aren't OTT and usually fit most shapes. Some seasons they do have a rush of blood to the head and only do dresses that would suit very tall thin women, so my apologies if this is one of those seasons and you've already looked.

You could come to me for the weekend - we actually have a shop that specialises in "Mother of the bride" outfits and some of their stuff is indeed, marvypants. Some of it, to be fair, looks like something the dog sicked up, but some of it is gorgeous.

OA suggested John Lewis. I know the one in Milton Keynes offers a personal shopper service, so I am sure they offer it elsewhere, and if I were in your shoes, I think i'd be availing myself of their services. They can think about weddingy and non-wedding-but-might-do-the-trick dresses. A quick scan of their website suggests they offer a lot of Ghost and Phase Eight dresses. i really like Phase Eight - i too am on the buttery side and their dresses fit me beautifully.

Do you like this:

That is nice, Corris.  BUT what would you do if you got it and it didn't fit/looked awful ?  I think you have to try your wedding dress on beforehand.

Oooh that's beautiful, really lovely colours. What colour hair, eyes and skin are you?

*Smiles at BFG having used marvypants in a sentence*